What you should know about towing with a hybrid

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When you think about towing something behind your vehicle, what’s the first vehicle that comes to mind? Most people associate trucks with towing and in turn, gasoline-powered vehicles. However, did you know that hybrids are very capable when it comes to towing loads? Sure, these electrified vehicles are renowned for their great fuel efficiency, but that’s not all they have to offer. Toyota of Clermont is here to explain the ins and outs of towing with a hybrid.

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Towing with a hybrid: Is it possible?

Like we said, if you’re looking to cut your fuel costs some, hybrid Toyotas are a great route. They’re extremely fuel-efficient and can bump your MPGs up quite a bit – the Clermont Toyota Prius, for example, gets 57/56 mpg. But they’re also more than capable of towing. Here are a few points to consider when it comes to towing with a hybrid:

  • Hybrids are not the same thing as EVs (electric cars). Clermont Toyota hybrids are considered to be “electrified”, but they still use a gas engine as part of their hybrid system to power the car, and you still need to gas them up.
  • The gas engine does most of the work in hybrid cars. While the electric motor takes over when it can (like when you’re moving at super slow speeds or sitting in traffic), the gas engine is the part of the system that primarily powers the car, which means you can absolutely tow.
  • New hybrids are also introducing all-wheel drive options. When combined with the hybrid system, all-wheel drive can enhance towing capacities to those of solely gas-powered vehicles.

Long story short? Hybrid towing is definitely possible, especially when you consider the variety of hybrids at Toyota of Clermont. Our Toyota Tundra hybrid can tow 10,340 lbs.

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An example: Toyota Highlander Hybrid towing capacity

Let’s say you want to put a family-friendly vehicle in the driveway, but you need something that has some towing ability for weekend adventures. The Clermont Toyota Highlander hybrid towing capacity is better than what you’d expect – here’s how it compares to the gasoline model.

  • The 2024 Toyota Highlander has a 2.4L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine under the hood. If you opt for the all-wheel drive model, you’ll have 265 horsepower and 310 lb-ft torque at your fingertips. The Toyota Highlander towing capacity is 5,000 lns. 
  • The 2024 Toyota Highlander Hybrid has a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine under the hood. If you go for all-wheel drive, you’ll have 186 horsepower and 175 lb-ft torque at your fingertips. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid towing capacity is 3,500 lbs. 

So while the Toyota Highlander Hybrid towing capacity is lower than the gas model, it’s still a decent towing capacity depending on what you’ll be pulling behind you.

2024 Toyota Highlander Hybrid towing capacity

A guide to hybrid towing

How is towing with a hybrid different than towing with a gas-powered Toyota? It’s not – you still have to take the same steps and consider the same point. Here’s a refresher on towing tips before you hit the road.

  • Before you buy your Clermont Toyota, have a clear idea of what you want to tow and how much it weighs. Overloading your vehicle with a tow that’s too heavy can damage your car, which often results in very expensive repairs.
  • Keep up with routine car care. You’ll definitely need to stay on top of your oil changes, tire rotations and replacements, brake service, and multi-point inspections for hybrid towing. Towing puts more stress on your car, so you want your Toyota to be in the best shape possible. Note: brake service is critical. Your Clermont Toyota will need more braking power when it has a heavy load behind it, so never neglect your brake maintenance.
  • Get the right parts and accessories. Hybrid towing requires the same parts and accessories as towing with a gas-powered vehicle. Don’t forget to hook up your trailer lights and always carry a spare tire for whatever you’re towing. If you’re not sure which accessories you’ll need, ask our Toyota of Clermont parts store.
  • Practice makes perfect. Towing with a hybrid requires the same practice as towing with a gas-powered vehicle. Be sure to practice until you’re comfortable, and put in some extra time practicing turning, reversing, and parking.

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Visit Toyota of Clermont to find the perfect vehicle for hybrid towing

Ready to find the perfect new Toyota for hybrid towing? We’ve got you covered at Toyota of Clermont. Call us today at (352) 404-7000 or stop by – we’re just off the Florida Turnpike at 16851 State Road 50. Don’t forget to check out all of our hybrid towing parts and accessories in our parts department!

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