Toyota of Clermont’s tips for towing another car

April 22nd, 2021 by

Have you ever towed another car behind your vehicle? Whether you’re driving a moving truck across the country and giving your car a lift, or towing a friend’s vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop off the highway, it’s quite different than pulling a boat or trailer behind you (especially if you’re using a towing dolly or chain). Toyota of Clermont is here with tips on how to safely and efficiently tow another car behind your vehicle – check it out.

Toyota of Clermont tips

What to know before you tow

We’re all about towing safety at our Clermont Toyota dealership; we know you’ve seen our tips on how to tow before. However, this is the first time we’ve ever talked about actually towing another vehicle. Before you hook up, consider these quick points:

  • No one should EVER ride in the car being towed – not even pets. It’s not only illegal but also exceptionally dangerous.
  • The car that’s doing the towing should be bigger and heavier than the car that’s being towed. You’ll need more accelerating and braking power in the front to get your vehicle where it’s going safely.
  • Be careful HOW you tow. If you’re using a flatbed trailer or a tow dolly (a small trailer that lifts the two front tires of the vehicle being pulled off the ground) then you should be good to go as long as you drive carefully. However, if you’re using a tow rope or chain, you should only travel very short distances and at very low speeds. Towing this way can be dangerous and isn’t suited for main roads or highways.

Towing tips from Toyota of Clermont

Once you’ve hitched up and are ready to hit the road, use these tips to tow your car to your final destination as safely as possible.

1. Go slower than usual. You’ll want to slow down when you hit the road with a car behind you – you’ll need more distance to come to a safe stop with all that extra weight, and traveling at a slower speed will give it to you.

2. Avoid sudden braking. Try not to brake suddenly or hard when you’re towing another car behind you. Not only is it really bad for the towing vehicle’s brakes, but it also can cause the car being towed to slam into the back of your vehicle.

3. Take turns slow and wide. Make sure that you take your turns slowly and wide – sharp turns can cause the car you’re towing to collide with yours or worse. Give yourself plenty of time and space to make it happen.

4. Use your turn signals and mirrors. Be sure to use your turn signals well ahead of your movements to let other drivers know where you’re going, and check carefully using your mirrors AND your eyes before changing lanes.

5. Change lanes carefully. Be sure to check twice before changing lanes – you’ll need enough space not only for your vehicle but also the car that you’re towing behind your Clermont Toyota.

6. Make sure your lights are working. Make sure that your towing vehicle’s lights are working – brake lights and turn signals especially – before trying to tow. As for the car you’re towing, turn its hazard lights on so it’s easy for other drivers to see it.

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