Everything to Know About Electric Cars

The modern age of the automobile is truly a sight to behold. In such a short time we’ve gone from crank starting engines, to gas guzzling big blocks, and now to electrified engineering and self-driving technology. The electric car market, while small now, is only steadily growing year after year and pretty soon it may very well be the only type of fuel we consume in our cars. This would make for a vast improvement to the environment and revolutionize how we drive and use our cars.

But, before we dive into the what-ifs of it all, you’re probably wondering what the finer points of an electric car are. Fortunately, Toyota of Clermont is here to help all the electrical buzz make sense.

Clermont Toyota electric car

Sending a Current Through Your Engine Block


Compared to an internal combustion engine (ICE), like your typical Clermont Toyota car, electric cars are engineered much differently. Here are a few of the key points that set an electric car apart from an ICE model:

  • Clermont Toyota electric cars use electricity stored in battery packs for power. Vehicles of this type use several large battery packs along with auxiliary assemblies to power the drivetrain and other accessories.
  • These vehicles are fueled by a lithium-ion battery similar to ones in your laptop or cell phone.
  • Batteries in an electric car can be charged via plug-in technology and can recoup power from driving, depending on the chosen model.
  • Because Clermont electric cars don’t have the traditional components of an ICE model they require far less maintenance and incur less damage long term.
  • A main issue with lithium-ion batteries at large is their tendency to degrade over time and hold less charge. However, many electrified vehicle manufacturers offer extensive warranties to cover the health and longevity of your vehicle’s battery.

Different Types of Clermont Electric Cars

While the electric car market may be in its infancy, there are several different types offered to drivers looking to improve their driving experience and their vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

  • Hybrid: Famously popularized by Toyota with the introduction of the Clermont Toyota Prius, hybrid electric cars work by combining an ICE engine with a battery pack and drivetrain. This combines the fuel efficiency of an electric vehicle and the easiness of fueling from an ICE.
  • Plug-In Hybrid: While similar to hybrids in the way they combine both electric power with ICE engineering, plug-in hybrids up the ante when it comes to vehicle electrification. They can be plugged in to charge the battery pack (similar to a purely electric car), have a higher battery capacity, and can take advantage of features like regenerative braking.
  • Electric Car: Unlike other electrified engineering options that still rely on ICE components, pure electric vehicles strictly use electricity via battery packs for power. They can be plugged in to recharge and emit zero emissions.

Shop Electrified Vehicles Today at Toyota of Clermont

Toyota’s lineup doesn’t have a pure electric car yet, but there are several excellent electric options on the lineup to please all drivers looking to reduce emissions. If you’re interested in shopping for a hybrid vehicle, come visit Toyota of Clermont today at 16851 State Road 50 or shop our full inventory online today!