Toyota’s Connect ‘Cabin Awareness’ Could Save Lives With Advanced Tech

June 7th, 2022 by

Toyota has always prioritized safety, so it’s no surprise that they’re hatching remarkable new tech features. Not just any tech features, but ones that have the potential to save many lives. Toyota has launched its ‘Cabin Awareness’ concept that elevates everything you can think of when it comes to automotive tech and safety. Toyota of Clermont will go over the features of the Cabin Awareness Concept, how it has the potential to save many lives, and how exactly it will work. So, let’s get into it! 

What are the features of the Cabin Awareness Concept?

This high-tech safety concept uses millimeter-wave Technology to help detect movements as small as a heartbeat. It uses millimeter-wave, high-resolution 4D imaging radar to help see occupants in your car and help detect if anyone was left behind. With this safety technology concept, you would be able to detect occupants in all seats of your Clermont Toyota or even your cargo area. However, it doesn’t light up for a backpack or groceries. Instead, it detects what is alive, like a pet or person!

Toyota Cabin Awareness Concept can detect and tell you this: 

  • Is the passenger buckled up?
  • Is that passenger still in the car? 

How is Toyota changing and saving lives with advanced Technology?

According to the nonprofit kids and cars, it’s devastating, but in 2021 in the U.S., 23 children’s lives were lost from heat stroke after being left in vehicles for too long a period. This safety technology differs from other technologies on the market that use weight sensors that are more prone to false alerts and mis-detects. However, the Technology is very accurate and has been tested repeatedly with Toyota Siennas and will continue to be tested to perfection. It has the opportunity to save many unfortunate events from occurring. 

How exactly will the Cabin Awareness concept work?

The Toyota Cabin Awareness Concept has integrated many warnings to help alert the driver that there’s a detection of a moving object nearby. It will give owners these alerts. 

  • A warning light signals on the instrument cluster.
  • Then the horn honks, and emergency lights flash. 
  • The Clermont Toyota app allows the owner to receive notifications and text messages on their phone following the early warnings. 
  • Cabin Awareness is so up to date that it can send alerts through smart home devices or to designated emergency contacts assigned by the primary user (if no one answers). 

The concept of Cabin Awareness makes it easy to figure out little things like who is or isn’t buckled in a quick amount of time, especially helpful for road trips! Toyota goes the extra step to make sure it’s driver’s experience is convenient and safe.

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