How Toyota Safety Features Work

January 4th, 2021 by

Shopping for a new car often involves an extensive checklist. On that list you’ll likely have necessity features like stylish looks, comfy seats, good acceleration and so on. Whatever your order of features, safety features are likely high on your list. No matter which automotive brand you shop you’ll likely find that they all have their own suite of safety technology on their vehicles.

But nothing can come close to Toyota Safety Sense and the advanced safety tech in every Toyota on our lineup. Check out the finer details right here from Toyota of Clermont!

Explaining How Advanced Toyota Safety Features Work

Toyota uses a specific suite of Clermont safety features called the Toyota Safety Suite. This advanced system includes several programs that most would think are reserved for luxury cars. Today we’re breaking down the different programs used on Toyota vehicles and how they work.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

Cruise control is great to use when cruising the highway but it can be rendered useless if you’re in a trafficky spot. The answer? Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. By using a variety of advanced exterior cameras your Clermont Toyota model can engage in highway cruise control driving and maintain a specified distance between it and the car in front. The system can also adjust the speed of your car depending on the flow of traffic.

Pre-Collision System w/ Pedestrian Detection

This Clermont safety feature is used to avoid or lessen the impact of a potential collision with another vehicle. The Pre-Collision System also comes with an optional feature, Bicyclist Detection, that can detect cyclists on the road during the daytime. In the event of an oncoming collision with a pedestrian or other vehicle your vehicle with provide warning sounds and haptic feedback. If the driver doesn’t respond quickly enough then the system can automatically break for the driver.

Clermont Toyota safety features

Lane Departure Alert w/ Steering Assist

The Lane Departure Alert system works by sensing white or yellow lane markers and then warning the vehicle driver if they start to drift or accidentally switch lanes. Sounds and haptic feedback are used to warn the driver and small driving corrections can be made if there’s not a reaction quickly enough.

Automatic High Beams

High beams are helpful for drivers in low visibility conditions but other drivers can be harmed by them. Automatic High Beams are used to illuminate the road ahead while still being courteous to other drivers. Sensors in the front of the Clermont Toyota car sense other light sources and automatically activate and deactivate the high beams accordingly.

Road Sign Assist

This Toyota safety feature uses cameras on the exterior to sense and display road signs for the driver to see more easily. Road signs are then displayed on the vehicle’s dashboard so drivers can see them without being too heavily distracted or having to adjust their gaze.


Shop Safety Features with Toyota of Clermont

Toyota is an automotive brand with the best of the best when it comes to safety features. Shop our huge inventory of safe Toyota vehicles today at 16851 State Road 50 or online anytime!