The Worst Toyota Models Ever Made

July 6th, 2020 by

There are many sayings and phrases out there about how mistakes need to be made to get to the finished product. Failures are always an indication of future success. After all, if you didn’t fail, how would you learn what works and what doesn’t? While we could dive into the existentialism of failure and learning, we’re sure you’d rather learn about the blunders of our favorite auto manufacturer, Toyota. With a history going back as far as 1937 some mistakes are bound to be made along the way. In the spirit of improvement, we at Toyota of Clermont, are looking back at some of the worst Toyota models ever made. Check them out!


Some of the Worst Toyota Models Ever Made

1958 Toyopet Crown

The Toyopet Crown was the first Clermont Toyota model every sold in the U.S. and it was also one of the worst. This model was designed to commute on Japanese streets that typically had a speed limit of 40 mph and was never tested on North American roads. Not only was this vehicle ill-suited to reach commuting speeds, it was constructed with a heavy-gauge steel body that stressed the small 60-horsepower engine to its breaking point.


1991 Toyota Previa

The successor to the highly criticized Toyota Van was also the victim of design flaws. The Clermont Toyota model Previa’s issues began with its awkward exterior design that perturbed many drivers but that was just the beginning. The Previa carried about 2-tons of curb weight and was powered only by a 4-cylinder with a mid-engine layout. A supercharger was added to increase power but only drove the cost up and made the engine noisier than before.


1992 Toyota Paseo

A slick two-door sport-coupe is always a great way to draw a younger demographic, but the Toyota model Paseo missed its mark. The year the Paseo hit the market it faced steep competition from other car manufacturers who were able to capitalize on a more liberal exterior design to lure in younger drivers. Many drivers of the Clermont Paseo complained of poor understeering which made it unpleasant to drive.


1993 Toyota T100

Thanks to the Toyota Hilux (shout out Marty McFly), Toyota commanded and capitalized on the Clermont compact-truck automotive segment. It was only natural that our favorite auto manufacturer fry bigger fish, but the Toyota model T100 was was destined to be a bad catch. The 1993 T100 used an 8-foot bed like many of the North American trucks of the time but failed to adopt the same size elsewhere. The V6 under the hood was also seen as a downgrade to many drivers who were used to large gas-guzzling engines in their trucks.


2012 Scion iQ

First of all, RIP Scion, and second, does anyone remember Smart cars? Well, the Scion iQ was Toyota’s response to the micro-car segment started by Mercedes Benz’s parent company. While the iQ improved on areas where Smart failed, it never managed to sell the same numbers and was seen as more of a safety hazard than viable driving option due to the sheer amount of large vehicles on N American roads. But, it was SUPER easy to park!


While there are several others that make the list, we’ll stop the self-deprecation for now to highlight our amazing Toyota models available at Toyota of Clermont right now! Come check them all out today at 16851 State Road 50 or shop our inventory online anytime.