6 gone, but not forgotten, vintage Toyota models

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While we have all the modern bells and whistles of new Clermont Toyota vehicles today, you have to appreciate the classics. They show us how far cars have come, where they were going, and which ones didn’t make it past their heydays. An auto brand like Toyota, which has been around since 1937, is bound to have several past models we remember or forget. Toyota is one auto maker with a wide variety of vehicles in its current and past rosters and we, at Toyota of Clermont, are here to walk you through six vintage Toyota models you may or may not remember!

Vintage Toyota relics of the past

Toyota Venza

While not too much of a throwback, the vintage Toyota Venza is a 2008 – 2015 relic that you can occasionally find on the used car lot here at Toyota of Clermont. It’s a five-door cross-over SUV with a minivan-esque look to it that won over drivers with its round exterior and sporty driving options. With an available 3.5-liter V6 or 2.7-liter I4 engine and front engine front-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive, this vehicle could go the distance. This Clermont Toyota crossover sported features like 19” and 20” alloy wheels, fog lamps, a 6-disc CD changer (remember CDs?), Hill Start Assist Control, and the Star Safety System. It went out of production in June 2015.


Toyota FJ Cruiser

The vintage Toyota FJ Cruiser is a highly coveted classic that has excellent resale value (even with high miles). While only on production for a short time in the United States, the Clermont Toyota FJ Cruiser made a lasting impression as a modern classic that could handle off-roading like a champ. A stocky exterior look and short wheel-base gave this vehicle an aggressive look that was perfectly coupled by the iconic voodoo blue paint color it was originally showcased in. The powerful 4.0-liter V6 engine produced the ideal amount of power for wherever you drove this Clermont vintage Toyota classic.


Toyota Celica

Named after the Latin term, coelica, meaning heavenly or celestial, the Toyota Celica enjoyed a long production life before its discontinuation in 2006. Always powered by a variety of four-cylinder engines, this vintage Toyota sports car was available in a notchback, liftback, and convertible, but always as a coupe. This Clermont Toyota vehicle was the inspiration behind the original Toyota Supra and will always be an iconic sports car we won’t soon forget.


Toyota Solara

Produced from 1998 to 2008, the vintage Toyota Solara is a Toyota of Clermont favorite because of its sporty and fun aesthetic and feel. The second generation of this sporty sedan featured options like: optional 4-cylinder or 3.3-liter V6 engine, Bluetooth connectivity, voice activated GPS, and a redesigned exterior.


Toyota RAV4 EV

Divided by two generations, the Clermont Toyota RAV EV is a vintage Toyota vehicle that’s unique because of its electric ambition. This vehicle used an all-electric system that sported an EPA estimated driving range of 95 miles. This Tesla and Toyota join project car was only in production for a short time, but it left a lasting impact and showed the world the capability of electricity in a car.


Toyota Hilux

It’s Marty McFly’s vehicle of choice in the Back to the Future franchise and it’s a vintage Toyota classic that’s still in production in other parts of the world today. The Clermont Toyota Hilux was cancelled after its fifth generation in the United States (1995) and replaced by the Toyota Tacoma. This iconic truck has sported many engine and body design options over the years and is known for being durable and well-engineered.


Want to know more about these vintage Toyota classics? Come visit Toyota of Clermont! Our experienced sales specialists can walk you through the history of Toyota and show you the modern vehicles available now! Give us a call at (352) 404 – 7000 for more details.

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