4 signs you might need car headlight service

October 28th, 2020 by

When you look at the list of important car parts, your car headlights are pretty close to the top. After all, they’re what lights your way in bad weather and when it’s too dark to see the road. Having them working and working well is crucial to your drive time performance and safety. But just like any other part on your car, they do wear out over time due to use. Toyota of Clermont’s auto service techs are here to help you spot a car headlight that’s on its way out and troubleshoot any issues you might be having with them.

Clermont auto care tips

Remember, you shouldn’t delay if you’re having car headlight issues. You should never drive with burnt out headlights – not only is it dangerous, it’s also illegal to drive without two working headlights and you could receive a ticket if you get caught.

Don’t ignore these signs of car headlight issues

1. Your headlights seem dim. Do your car headlights seem like they’re just not shining as brightly as they usually do? It’s no cause for alarm – this is usually because the bulbs are on their way out (just like bulbs burn out in your house). They’ll need to be replaced, which is an easy fix. However, if new bulbs don’t restore the brightness you may have a problem with your ground wire. In that case, bring your car to Toyota of Clermont for a once over.

2. You can’t turn on your brights. If you can turn on your low beams but can’t get your high beams to work, it could be another bulb issue. Try replacing the high beam bulbs before you do anything else but if that doesn’t work, you might have a wiring problem or even a burnt out fuse. Our Clermont Toyota service team can troubleshoot things for you and get to the root of the problem.

3. Your headlights are flickering on and off. Are your car headlights flickering on and off while you’re trying to use them? This is usually indicative that they’re about to burn out entirely (so don’t hit the road without resolving the problem first) and the bulbs need to be replaced. If new bulbs don’t stop the flickering, though, then you might have a bad harness or even a problem with your battery connection. It’s worth letting our Clermont car care techs take a look.

4. Fuses keep blowing under the hood. If fuses keep blowing under the hood no matter what you do, there might be a larger issue at hand. This typically indicates a problem with wiring or your electrical system and it’s not something you can DIY. Bring your car to Toyota of Clermont and let the experts get you back on the road.

Toyota of Clermont can handle ALL of your car headlight issues

Whether you have a smashed headlight, need headlight restoration, or just need a bit of help with a new bulb, our Clermont auto care center has you covered! Call us today at (352) 404-7001 to schedule an appointment or swing by and see us at 16851 State Road 50, just west of the Florida Turnpike.

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