Games you should play on your winter road trip

December 14th, 2018 by

Taking a road trip during the holiday season is a wonderful experience to have with friends and family. It gives those who live in less snowy places (cue Clermont) the chance to experience the weather that makes the winter months so special. While on your winter road trip, it can be difficult to find different forms of entertainment after you’ve scrolled through your Instagram feed a dozen times. However, if you’re traveling with passengers, the best form of entertainment can come from playing games with each other! Check out these games to play on your winter road trip from Toyota of Clermont. But if you’re driving make sure to stay focused on the road!

Winter road trip games from Toyota of Clermont

Top winter road trip games from Toyota of Clermont

  • “Did you hear that?”

A classic game that bridges pop culture and news with fact and fiction. While driving in your Clermont Toyota car, one passenger works to confuse the other and make it believable. Essentially, being with the statement “Did you hear that __ happened?” and fill in the blank with a false statement. If your opponent guesses that your statement is wrong, they win and vice versa.

  • The Singing Game

This is a simple one to play while on your winter road trip. To play, one person starts by singing a song and another passenger has to continue the song where the other person left off. The game carries on until someone messes up the lyrics.

  • 21 Questions

A true winter road trip game classic, 21 questions is played with the aim to guess what the other person is thinking. Even the driver of the Clermont Toyota vehicle can play this one! Your 21 questions all have to be different and the person who guesses correctly starts the next round.

  • The Movie Game

If you have a Clermont Toyota vehicle full of movie fans, give this game a try! The goal of this one is to test your knowledge of actors and the movies they have starred in. One person starts by saying an actor/actress’ name, another person then follows with a movie that actor’s been in, another person continues with another actor/actress’ name, and then the round continues until someone’s incorrect.

  • Regional Food Master

This one involves a few pit stops along your winter road trip route, but it’s a unique game to play with your fellow Clermont Toyota car passengers. Along your route, stop at several gas stations and find a local snack/food item to try. You can only select one food item per person per gas station and it has to be specific to the region the gas station is in.

  • Cows on my Side

A typical winter road trip stereotype is that someone in your Clermont Toyota car will inevitably scream “cows” when they see cows in a field during the trip. So, why not turn it into a game? You can play this one by calling “Cows on my side!” each time you see a cow on your side. This earns you a point and you can call “Cows on your side!” if your fellow passengers aren’t quick enough. You can also scream “Ghost Cow!” if you pass by a cemetery for extra points.


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