Why Your Fuel Efficiency is Lower Than Advertised

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Car shopping is all about check marks in a never ending sea of boxes. Features you need, paint color options, engine specs, and more must all be considered before you sign your name on the line and get the keys to the whip that will carry you for miles and miles. More than likely, one feature that tops that list (or at least ranks fairly high) is fuel efficiency.

And why wouldn’t it? No one likes ponying up to the pump to fork over their earned money for a substance that inevitable just gets burned (and pollutes the atmosphere, but that’s a topic for a later time). Most vehicles are advertised with a specific set of figures indicating their fuel economy in miles per gallon (MPG) and you might even recall those numbers well after you’ve driven off the lot. If you have a sinking feeling that your gas tank isn’t stretching as far as it used to, you’re not crazy!

Toyota of Clermont is here with a few explanations as to why that’s happening to you.

Fuel efficiency tips from Toyota of Clermont.

Here’s Why Your Gas Tank is Burning Fuel a Little Too Quickly

You Have a Dirty Air Filter

Having a dirty filter is normal and par for the course as you drive. After all, this auto part is tasked with filtering out air pollutants that could hinder the combustion process and it being dirty means its working. But, if it’s affecting your fuel economy then you have some issues on your hands. It can actually cause your fuel efficiency to drop.

Underinflated Tires

Imagine walking around in shoes with little to no support. It hurts and it takes a while to get anywhere. The same applies to your Clermont Toyota tires. Underinflated tires can lead to loss of control but it can decrease your overall fuel economy as your ride will need to work even harder to go anywhere. Inflate your tires asap or figure out why they’re so flat.

Your Spark Plugs are Dated

Your spark plugs play an integral role in starting your engine and can deplete your Clermont Toyota fuel efficiency as they age and stop working. We recommend visiting us to have them checked out by a professional auto service technician.

Bad Fueling System

Your fuel pump, injector, and other key parts comprise your fueling system and a sudden drop in fuel efficiency could mean there’s an issue. This is a major Clermont Toyota system in your car and would need to be checked out by one of our auto service techs. Don’t try to solve this one on your own (unless you’re a pro).

You Like That Accelerator a Little too Much

You can argue that the accelerator was meant to be pressed (you’re not wrong), but it wasn’t designed to be put to the floor whenever you drive (that’s excessive). Your Clermont Toyota car might be suffering from poor fuel efficiency because you drive recklessly and slam the gas pedal down like it’s your job (unless you race professionally, chill out). Try taking it easy and gradually accelerating and braking. You’ll likely see a gradual rise in fuel economy over time.

Toyota of Clermont fuel efficiency tips.

Still have questions? Toyota of Clermont is here to help! Visit our auto service center for all your fuel efficiency concerns at 16851 State Road 50.

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