What Is an Electric Car and How Do They Work?

April 4th, 2022 by

If you want to avoid paying for high gas prices, drive a zero-emissions ride, and listen to a quiet commute to your destination – an electric car is a great option. High gas prices have made many look further into buying an electric vehicle. But, you may be wondering what an electric car is? And what are the benefits of driving one? Here at Toyota of Clermont, we will explain everything you need to know about electric cars.  

How do Electric cars work? 

Instead of an internal combustion engine, electric cars run off an electric motor that stores electricity in a battery to keep it running. So, they don’t need gas to power them at all! However, you will need a wall outlet or charging equipment to charge it to replace going to get gas. 

Are you thinking of buying an electric car? Here’s why you should. 

Say goodbye to gas stations

You won’t ever need to stop at a gas station again. Instead, all you need to do is plug your car into a wall outlet for a charge. You may be wondering why do some electric cars take gas? The answer is purely electric cars DO NOT take gas. However,  Clermont Hybrids and plug-in hybrids run on electric charge for short periods by swapping between engines. Electric cars solely operate by charging their battery, saving you time and money.

The maintenance

Electric cars require less maintenance efforts than traditional gasoline-powered cars or even hybrids. So, driving one lowers the number of services needed compared to a fuel engine. For example, you eliminate oil changes and transmission fluid or power steering fluid replacements. You’ll need to keep bringing in your Clermont Electric car to check your brakes, battery, coolant, and routine tire rotation at our Clermont auto service center. 

The Top Technology

It only makes sense that with all of the time to perfect the electric car under the hood, it would also translate to the cabin. Some key tech features to get excited about in the all-new Toyota Bz4x include cloud-based navigation, Toyota Safety Sense 3.0, and a digital key with remote start. 

Enjoy Rebates

You may be eligible for state and local rebates for more money back in your wallet if you buy one. They may run to be more expensive, however through rebates and saving money on gas they might save you more money in the end.

Instant torque

Just because you don’t have any gasoline running your car, doesn’t mean it can’t have speed. Electric cars have instant torque, which means fast acceleration from the get-go.

The history of Toyota’s EV.

Electric cars have been around for over a century. Their origin story began in 1881, but you may be surprised as they didn’t rise to popularity until the 1990s. Toyota’s first EV, a collaboration with Tesla, built a Toyota RAV4 EV, entirely powered by electricity. Unfortunately, the Toyota RAV4 could only run at a maximum speed of 78 mph and would probably only get you 100 miles on each charge. So electric cars needed further development to make them a serious competitor. Luckily, the research invested in EVs has produced excellent results for Toyotas. 

Toyota promised to launch 30 electric vehicles across the Toyota brand by 2030, so we will be seeing plenty being released by Toyota over the next few years, with the launching of the all-new Toyota bz4x this summer.

Shop for an electrified ride at Toyota of Clermont! 

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