Toyota to Add More Electric Cars to the U.S. Lineup

February 12th, 2021 by

Toyota has been quite an interesting party when it comes to its stance on electric cars. Throwing shade at Tesla, Akio Toyoda describing the market as currently dismal and fantastical, and now we have news that Toyota is bringing 3 electrified models to North America, 2 of which will be battery powered EVs. While it may seem like a ball out of left field scenario for our favorite automotive manufacturer, the truth is that Toyota is largely committed to making a positive environmental impact with its lineup. The Clermont Toyota Prius began the trend as the world’s first mainstream hybrid car and now we have more options than ever.

Toyota’s recent announcement comes as a surprise to many of us and we can’t wait to see what new models are going to be introduced this year! If you’re looking for the latest info, Toyota of Clermont has it right here!

Clermont Toyota electric car for sale.

More Electric Cars Coming Your Way!

In an unexpected turn of events, Toyota published a news release just days ago detailing how it would debut 3 new electric cars for the North American market and it would do it in 2021. One would be a plug-in Clermont EV, like the Toyota RAV4 Prime, and the other 2 would be strictly battery operated EVs, much like a Tesla vehicle. We definitely weren’t expecting that to happen and especially with this quick of a turn around. It’s likely we’ll have more details later regarding what these vehicles will actually be along with their features and performance metrics, but for now we have some initial details:

  • Toyota plans to unveil a specific electric car platform between now and 2025. The e-TNGA platform will, in effect, make it so that Toyota can design any one of its vehicles on the conventional and Lexus lineups to be electrified in some capacity.
  • The overall goal of introducing these vehicles and providing more electric options is to allow Toyota’s consumer base to enter the EV market from various affordability points. The idea is to lower greenhouse gases over a gradual period of time by allowing drivers to access electric cars in various purchasing stages.
  • Multiple past news headlines point to a possible new electric car being produced rather than just a simple electrified version of an existing model. Plus, Toyota’s deal with Panasonic to create more efficient vehicle batteries might bear fruit with this upcoming venture.

Unfortunately, news regarding these new electric vehicles is fairly scarce. For now we’ll have to wait until we receive more news to report further. But, judging from this recent news release and other reports we’ve seen, Toyota is planning big things for this year. The new Clermont Toyota Tundra could be unveiled soon, Toyota recently filed a trademark for the Celica name, and the Toyota 86 is getting a new design sometime soon!

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