The New Toyota 86 Has Been Revealed!

April 5th, 2021 by

Not too long ago, Subaru unveiled their upcoming 2022 Subaru BRZ. A new exterior design featuring a new front bumper look, the rear-end had changed significantly, and the body lines were sportier than the previous iteration. Finally, the Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86 was becoming something new.

But, while the BRZ had debuted, the 86 was nowhere to be found. Until today! Toyota has unveiled the next generation of Toyota 86, the GR 86, and it’s coming soon! Toyota of Clermont is here with the latest details and what you can expect to see on this new Toyota sportscar when it releases.

New Toyota 86 for sale in Clermont.

The Supra’s Little Sibling is Making a Comeback

The Toyota 86 has always been a main staple of Toyota’s versatile lineup. It’s the lightweight and affordable sportscar for those looking for something that can handle the track without breaking the bank. It’s back for a new generation and it’s packing some excellent new features you’ll be excited to see!

  • Like the Toyota 86 that came before, this Clermont new model year will feature a low center of gravity stance. The engine will sit low combined with a narrow cabin and horizontal underbody to give it a sporty look.
  • The new 86 will also feature a flat-four boxer-style engine that outputs 2.4-liters as opposed to the previous 2.0-liter output.
  • Reportedly, the new Toyota 86 will be engineered to be more responsive at the push of the pedal. This should afford the Clermont 86 a 0-62 mph time of 6.3 seconds as opposed to its old time of 7.4 seconds.
  • Overall the size and weight of the new 86 should remain consistent with its previous iteration. 2,800 pounds of curb weight is reported. This isn’t far off from an estimated 2,785 pounds for the previous generation 86.

Toyota 86 in Clermont.

  • Compared to the BRZ, the Toyota 86 will only be changing the black grille mesh insert and some engineering modifications.
  • Aluminum will also be used in different areas of the body construction. The roof panels and fenders will be made from the lightweight metal and an updated set of front seats and mufflers will help bring the weight and center of gravity down.
  • Torsional rigidity has been increased about 50% over the previous Clermont Toyota 86 to maintain the smooth ride quality fans of the 86 know and love.
  • The AT trim grade 86 will be using Subaru’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology as its safety system. This includes technology like pre-collision tech, emergency rescue support, and secondary collision avoidance.
  • Regarding the interior of the Clermont Toyota 86, it’s more horizontally aligned and driver-centered. A 7-inch TFT screen is the main feature with a new opening animation sequence that captures the unique adrenaline rush one gets when getting behind the wheel of the 86.

All in all, the new Toyota 86 looks super impressive! What do you think? Let us know!

Toyota 86 available in Clermont.

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