Classic Toyota: The AE86 and the Toyota 86

March 16th, 2020 by

This week has been a bit slow when it comes to the latest Toyota news in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (stay safe and healthy out there). Apart from the recent development of Toyota’s new airless automotive paint atomizers (it decreases emissions by 7% and is far more efficient and definitely worth checking out, if you’re interested), there’s not too much to report on for this week. However, we at Toyota of Clermont have done some digging and we’ve found the perfect story to help you through your social distancing efforts.

This week, we’re taking you on a journey with the legendary classic Toyota, the AE86 and how that translated into the now iconic Toyota 86. Follow along with us at Toyota of Clermont as we chronicle the story behind this classic Toyota!


The Fabled Toyota AE86

While a quick Google search of the Toyota AE86 will reveal little information about this vehicle (aside from its actual name being the Toyota Corolla Levin or Sprinter Trueno), but there’s more to this 80s classic than meets the eye. While most of us here on the west side of the globe are probably unfamiliar with the Japanese racing scene, those who are will know the significance of this Clermont classic Toyota.

In Japan, the AE86 is an iconic racing vehicle, especially along the Hakone turnpike. This windy roadway is famous for its racing passes and drift-ability and the AE86 has seen many a kilometer along this mountain pass. Keiichi Tsuchiya, better known as the “Drift King,” drove his signature Toyota AE86 which catapulted the racing segment and the vehicle to stardom. A popular manga franchise, “Initial D” also made the AE86 iconic as the story, centered around a young street racer, and it’s main character used an AE86 as his chosen vehicle. Despite the anime being adapted into movies, series, and a live-action stint, they all feature the AE86.

The Clermont classic Toyota AE86 also won two British Touring Car Championship races in 1986 and 1987. The peppy Toyota hatchback raced past rival racing vehicles like the BMW M6, Volvo 240 Turbo, and Mazda 929. The infamous edition of this classic, the Black Limited, is by far the most valuable and most sought after trim level. Today, Toyota is revitalizing this drifting classic with a new limited edition Toyota 86!


The New Black Limited Toyota 86

To commemorate the famous drift king Clermont Toyota AE86, a new special edition Toyota 86 is coming to Japan. The Black Limited trim level 86 will pay homage to the Corolla Levin will feature:

  • An exclusive black paint color
  • 17-inch bronze wheels
  • Ventilated Brembo brakes
  • A trunk lid spoiler
  • And SACHS shock absorbers for improved comfort and stability.

This model will also feature “Black Limited” interior badging on the passenger side dashboard as well as subtle bronze accents throughout. This trim level will be limited to only 86 vehicles with half and half split between manual and automatic transmissions. This will be limited to the Japanese market so we wish you luck if you wish to get your hands on it.

If you’re looking to shop for a new Toyota 86, swing by Toyota of Clermont! We have this classic Toyota and more on our lot right now. Visit us today at 16851 State Road 50 or shop our inventory online anytime!