Some Toyota News You Might Have Forgotten About

October 1st, 2021 by

Here at Toyota of Clermont, Toyota news is the name of the game. We always want to keep you, our readers, up-to-date on the latest info and goings-on, and we love to be of service. Recently there’s been quite a surplus of headlines in the world of Toyota. Namely, the dropping of the upcoming Toyota Tundra. Understandably, many have been preoccupied with the prospect of a new heavy-duty truck on the way with loads of new tech and features.

Between all the headlines, there might be a few ultra-cool Toyota things you’re forgetting about. To catch you back up and get you excited for everything that’s to come, Toyota of Clermont is here. Let’s check it out!

Toyota news from Toyota of Clermont.

The Cool Toyota News You Might Have Forgotten About

The bZ4X is Still Coming!

The upcoming Clermont Toyota Tundra will be featuring a bit of electrification with its hybrid drivetrain. While that’s revolutionary for Toyota and the pickup truck segment, we can’t forget that Toyota is going all the way in the EV game. It’s not new Toyota news that the bZ4X is coming soon, but we’re sure you might need a refresher.

This battery-powered EV is slated to arrive by the middle of next year to North America and a fully loaded EV roll-out plan is scheduled to happen between now and 2025. If you were on the fence about getting into the EV game, now might be the time to do some thinking and climb into the driver’s seat.

The Fabled Hot Hatch is Real and Coming Soon

This one’s definitely been lost in the shuffle, but we haven’t forgotten. After North America was left with a mad case of envy in the wake of the GR Yaris announcement, Toyota unveiled some exciting news that a Hot Hatch was coming to the North American market soon. Unfortunately, this Toyota news didn’t state specifically when this hatchback was coming to market, which model it would be based on, and the specs we should anticipate.

Fortunately, we can fill in the blanks a bit here. For starters, it’s likely that this Clermont hot hatch will be based on the Corolla Hatchback as it’s the only hatchback left in North America. It will also likely c0ntain the same 3-cylinder powerhouse as the GR Yaris. As for finer details and when we can expect more info, we’re in the same boat as you.

Like King Arthur, the Toyota Avalon is Reaching Eternal Slumber

If you’ve ever read or seen one of the countless iterations of the legend, then you’ll know of the island of Avalon where the Clermont Toyota sedan gets its name and the subhead will make sense. If not, well it doesn’t matter (I guess). This is all to remind you that this tragic piece of Toyota news states that the Toyota Avalon is not long for this world. Unfortunately, due to low sales figures and consumer preference, the Avalon will become another shelved model next to the Yaris. This overpowered sedan will be sincerely missed.

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