New Toyota Electric Car “Beyond Zero” Teased

April 12th, 2021 by

The news headlines just keep coming from Toyota and we at Toyota of Clermont are happy to report some fantastic new events. Awhile back we revealed to you, our readers, that Toyota was committing to releasing not 1, not 2, but 3 electric cars. One being a plug-in hybrid and the others being battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Well readers, it looks like we might be getting teased with one of those BEVs right now. Toyota tweeted a teaser of a new model and slogan this morning. What does it all mean? Are we getting a Toyota electric car sooner than we thought? Find out more from Toyota of Clermont right here!

Clermont Toyota electric car.

A Toyota Electric Car is Coming Soon to Clermont

Toyota had made a formal announcement earlier this year detailing its intentions to proceed with 3 new electrified models. The first one looks like it will be debuting pretty soon and Toyota’s tweet is the strongest evidence we have. It reads, “Go beyond limits. Go beyond expectations. Go Beyond Zero.” What’s it all mean? Let’s dive in!

Beyond Zero?

Toyota’s overall mission for the future is to design one in which the automotive market and other technological areas exist without harmful emissions. Of course, Toyota is opting for a gradual process, evidenced by Akio Toyoda, a vocal proponent of this philosophy. Regardless of pacing, Toyota has stuck true to its ideals for a emissions-free future with the launching and continuation of the Beyond Zero campaign.

The campaign focuses heavily on producing different alternative fuel sources like hydrogen fuel cells, electric power, and upgrading existing forms of commuting. Examples of this campaign’s fruitions include the e-Palette, the Woven City, Mirai, and more.

In the context of this newly teased vehicle can we only assume that the new electric car will be incorporated into this campaign.


What About the Electric Car?

Now for the part you’ve likely been waiting for us to arrive to. The electric car that Toyota teased. While not in the tweet itself or the accompanying video, Toyota has released some images of a shadowed front fascia. Upon initial observation, the fascia looks about as a large as a Clermont Toyota RAV4 with some cutting angular headlights. It also features Toyota’s famous blued-out insignia that’s typically hybrid cars.

We can assume that Toyota is likely transferring the blue symbol to other models that use alternative fuel. The front fascia brings to mind an electric car concept Toyota introduced some time ago. Is this one of those models moving out of the concept phase?

More than likely this new electric car will be the SUV that’s been teased by Toyota recently. Apart from that we don’t have many other specifics to offer. No word on the driving range, what the interior will feature, and so on. We at Toyota of Clermont have heard a rumor that this vehicle might be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show coming soon. Until then, we’ll report what we find out!

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