Is Excessive Heat Ruining Your Fuel Efficiency?

June 28th, 2021 by

As is the way with most things in life, moderation is the key. Keeping everything in stable moderation is a great way to stay healthy and to live a balanced existence. While we’re not life coaches here at Toyota of Clermont, we can definitely attest to that. In fact, one essential component to the combustion process, heat, is something best used in moderation too.

Heat is central to the combustion process that powers our cars, but too much could cause a lot of damage. Not to mention a degradation in fuel efficiency over time, especially if you drive a hybrid. If you drive one of our amazing hybrid cars and have noticed a steady drop in your fuel economy, Toyota of Clermont is here to help. Let’s check it out!

Fuel efficiency tips from Toyota of Clermont.

Heat is Essential. But it Can Kill Your Fuel Efficiency

Most of the vehicles we drive today operate using an internal combustion engine (ICE). A hybrid Clermont Toyota car works by combining ICE engineering with the added power and fuel sipping potential of a large battery. Every car has a battery that’s integral to its function, but hybrids stand a lot to lose if their battery system is compromised.

For your hybrid car’s fuel efficiency, excessive heat can be quite the killer. Here’s a brief outline of what can happen to your car’s battery if it suffers from excessive heat:

  • Car batteries work best when exposed to a moderate amount of heat/energy. But, heat can actually cause batteries to stop working due to electrolyte evaporation. This can cause bulging, bubbling, and difficulty recharging.
  • For Clermont Toyota hybrid cars this means a dramatic loss in fuel efficiency. The car battery will stop functioning over time and cause the ICE engine to overcompensate. Thus, a loss in fuel economy. This happens as electrolytes are evaporated from the battery due to high heat.

Now that we’ve outlined some obvious issues for our fellow Clermont residents that have no choice but to tolerate the heat on a daily basis, how do we deal with it?

Helping Your Overheated Hybrid Battery

Getting your peak fuel efficiency back isn’t a difficult feat by any means. For many Clermont drivers, it only involves a few simple adjustments. Here are a few simple tips to consider trying:

  • Many hybrids on Toyota’s lineup place the large battery pack in a spot that doesn’t obstruct the undercarriage or the cabin. Naturally, this place is under the back seats. To keep the batteries cool and operating at peak efficiency, Toyota designed an air cooling system that uses air from inside the cabin and circulates it over the battery as you drive. So, a helpful tip is to keep the cabin cool. This means running your A/C when it’s hot outside and making sure it’s not damaged.
  • Having tint on your Clermont Toyota auto glass can also help keep your fuel efficiency higher. This keeps your cabin cool without overexerting the A/C system.
  • In extreme cases, you could always route a pipeline from an air vent in your Clermont Toyota cabin to a fan inlet for the battery. This is a great way to boost your fuel efficiency in your Toyota hybrid, but it might be a bit excessive if your issues are minimal.

Need more help to boost the fuel efficiency in your Toyota hybrid? Visit Toyota of Clermont today at 16851 State Road 50.

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