How To Get A Mouse Out Of A Car

October 12th, 2022 by

As cute as a mouse can be, finding one in your Clermont Toyota can be a frightening experience. Plus, as a car owner, you don’t want to spend time sharing your car with a pet you didn’t ask to have in your life. So Toyota of Clermont is here to guide you through how to get a mouse out of a car. 

How do mice get into cars?

Mice can get into your Clermont Toyota by having your window and door open at any point. Mice look for a place that has a shelter, food, and warmth for survival. Your Clermont Toyota luckily has a lot of good places. 

Signs a mouse is living in your car

  • Your car starts having problems
  • Your upholstery is damaged all of a sudden 
  • You see mouse droppings 
  • The car starts to smell bad 
  • See a mouse nest

How to get a mouse out of your car quickly

Honk the mice out of your car 

Mice hate loud noises, so if you suspect a mouse in your car, just honk your horn. However, make sure that you aren’t doing this in an area where it could possibly disturb other car drivers or pedestrians around you. 

Get heat into your car

A good thing about mice is that they don’t like extreme temperatures. So, since it’s hot in Clermont, Florida, take advantage of the Florida heat by parking your car in the blasting hot sun. This can help run out the mice. 

Use a repellent or mousetrap

There are repellents you can buy to place around your car. There is a natural essential oil repellent as well called peppermint oil. If you have any suspicions, you can also place mouse traps inside your Clermont Toyota. 

Ways to prevent mice from living in my car

You can do these things to make sure you don’t have to deal with how to get a rat out of your car. 

  • Keep your car clean. This will help rats not cling to one of their basic means of survival. Make sure you don’t have any food in your car. 
  • Park your car in a garage. If your car is left outside, then it’s more likely for a rat or any pests like a spider to get in your car
  • Drive your car. Not only is it healthy for your car’s engine to be turned on consistently, but it also helps to get any pests like mice in your car out of there since the loud noise of the engine might scare them away. 

Let Toyota of Clermont help you with your pest problem!

Need help getting rid of mice in your car? Give us a call! Toyota of Clermont is open seven days a week. We are conveniently located just off the Florida Turnpike at 16851 State Road 50. So reach out to our Clermont Toyota service center at (352) 404-7001. We would love to help you figure out how to get a rat out of your car.