Get the Most Out of Your Prime Toyota Hybrid

April 16th, 2021 by

The world of automotive is one that’s always changing. Year after year the landscape shifts and changes shape to accommodate new technological advances, drivers’ needs, safety improvements, and so much more. Lately, the talk of the town has been alternative fueling. While it might seem like this new wave has only recently gained steam, alternative fueling has been around for quite some time.

Take Toyota back in 1997 for example. The first Clermont Toyota Prius rolled its way onto the streets of the world and changed the fuel efficiency game immensely. Today, the Prius continues to go strong with a plug-in Prime version that carried over to the RAV4. If you’re one of the lucky ones to drive either of these vehicles, you’ve likely been enamored by the EV mode and the lack of gas you’re paying for. If you’re looking to take full advantage of this feature and other Toyota hybrid features, Toyota of Clermont is here with some essential tips.

Clermont Toyota hybrid plug-in for sale.

Take Advantage of Your Clermont Toyota Hybrid’s Features

EV driving mode on one of the Clermont Toyota Prime vehicles gives drivers the ability to drive without needing to use gasoline for a certain distance. Essentially, it’s like having an electric car for a few miles. Super cool! But, if you don’t know how to use and maintain this feature fully you could be coming up short on the fuel saving game. Check out these tips!

Know Your S**** (Specs, Duh)

Driving an EV or a plug-in hybrid comes with different metrics attached to inform you, the driver, of exactly how efficient your new ride is. If you’re not sure exactly what MPGe means (it doesn’t mean Miles Per Gallon Electricity), let us at Toyota of Clermont explain.

MPG is the most common rating given to a vehicle to measure it’s fuel consumption over 100 miles of travel. The EPA determines this number by calculating the amount of heat (energy) that’s generated by an object at work (the engine). For an internal combustion engine (ICE), it’s a standard of 115,000 BTU (British Thermal Units). This metric is translated to determine the amount of electricity an EV must use to produce the same amount of energy. The standard is 33.7 kWh (kilowatt hour). MPGe then tells you how many kWh an EV need travel to travel 100 miles and how that translates to an ICE engine traveling the same distance.

Apart from the MPGe, Toyota hybrid Prime vehicles with a specifically rated distance they can travel in EV mode with electricity alone. For the Prius Prime it’s 25 miles and the RAV4 Prime is 42.

Keep a Charge Going

Keeping your devices charged is never a bad idea. Similarly to your smartphone, you should keep your Clermont Toyota hybrid Prime car charged as well. Plug-in hybrids are unique in that only some of the regenerative charging power comes from the engine. The rest comes from the plug-in, like an EV. By keeping your Toyota RAV4 or Prius Prime plugged in and charging when not in use, you’ll ensure that your EV driving mode has enough power for you to maximize your gas free potential. You can plug the charger in at your home or by using a quick charger while you’re out and about.

Toyota hybrid for sale in Clermont.

Time for an Upgrade

At Toyota of Clermont we thoroughly believe that the factory equipment that comes standard with every Toyota model is excellent and perfect for your needs. But, some of us are a little more bougie and/or particular than others.

Charging your Toyota hybrid plug-in is as easy as, well, plugging it in. Drivers have the option of using the included plug-in charger to get some needed energy. But that route takes about 12 hours before your EV mode can be fully used. To make the process go by faster you can upgrade to a higher output cable for an additional fee. You can also upgrade your outlets at home to level 2 output to increase the amount of provided power.

Need more tips on maximizing your use of your Prime Toyota hybrid’s features? Ask the experts at Toyota of Clermont! You can find us online and at 16851 State Road 50 today.