Five signs you need your fuel injector flushed

April 6th, 2022 by

You might’ve taken your Clermont Toyota for its routine service appointment, and you read a paper that says you need a fuel injector flush. You may be asking yourself, ‘what in the world is that, and does my car need it?’ Well, you’re in luck. Today, our experts will go over what is a fuel injector flush and the signs you need it flushed. 

What is a fuel injector? 

A fuel injector is responsible for delivering your Clermont car’s fuel to the internal combustion engine. However, over time, they can become clogged by dirt and debris, leading to your vehicle not performing the way it should. 

Why does your car need a fuel injector flush? 

Your Clermont Toyota car needs this to clean out the build-up on its fuel injectors and fuel system. This service helps maintain your vehicle’s gas mileage, makes it run more efficiently, and helps increase the life of your car. The rule of thumb for performing this service is every 60,000 to 90,000 miles. So, if your car is over 90,000 miles and hasn’t gotten one yet, you can schedule one with our expert techs to get it done in no time. 

Five signs your car needs a fuel injector flush

1. Your engine misfires 

It’s probably not a good sign when your Clermont Toyota’s engine misfires. The fuel injector probably can’t filter the balance between the fuel and air entering the engine. After all, it’s dirty. 

2. Your car is showing rough idling

If you’re at stop signs and notice your Clermont Toyota is shaking and sputtering, your dirty fuel injectors are most likely to blame. So take your car to our auto service center to be adequately cared for by our expert technicians at Toyota of Clermont. 

3. Your gas mileage isn’t performing its best 

Are you stopping by the gas station more than you did in the past? Engine issues are the leading cause of why your gas mileage has gone downhill. Fuel injectors that are clean help regulate the gas, so when it’s dirty, it will cause the process to decline in its efficiency. 

4. Your RPM needle isn’t working correctly

Your RPM needle helps you track your acceleration speed. Unfortunately, a dirty fuel injector will cause the RPM needle to move unpredictably or up and down for no reason. So, the solution to this is just fixing the fuel injector by getting a flush performed. 

5. Your car won’t start

Fuel injectors deliver your car’s gas to the appropriate cylinders. When the ratio of air and fuel in your engine is off, your motor may not generate the combustion ratio it needs to operate, leading to your Clermont car not being able to start. 

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