Essential Tips for Driving in High Winds

February 21st, 2020 by

Throughout the seasons of summer and summer, we see quite a few different weather conditions in Clermont. Between all the rain and more rain, we experience quite a few hazardous weather conditions that can make our driving experience a tad unsafe. By now, many of us are used to the constant rain that happens throughout the year (although some of you still need to learn not to turn on your hazard lights the minute water hits your windshield). But, what about driving in a situation where there’s high winds? This particular driving situation happens quite often here in Florida and, when combined with rain, can lead to a dangerous driving experience.

If you’ve been stuck in this situation or you’re afraid of driving in high winds, you’re in luck! Toyota of Clermont is here with some essential tips to remember when driving in these conditions. Check them out!

High winds tips from Toyota of Clermont

The Dangers of High Winds

Driving in rain presents a plethora of problems like loss of traction less visibility, and panicked drivers. Driving in high winds presents several different problems that you and other drivers should be aware of if you’re to make it to your destination safely. Here are some of the hazards of driving in these conditions:

  • Road Debris: The wind can blow objects onto the road and create several hazards for driving. Running over objects can wreak havoc on your vehicle’s exterior and could land you with a flat tire or undercarriage leak.
  • Knocked Down Trees: Clermont is home to a large tree population. This also means there’s more of a chance for these trees to fall when the wind starts to pick up. These can block entire roads and/or down power lines.
  • Trailer Sway: If you’re a Clermont Toyota Tundra driver and like to tow things, you’ll need to take extra care in the event of high winds. Gusts can cause your trailer and other towable objects to sway on the road and possibly tip over.

How to Stay Safe During High Winds

Driving in high winds in Clermont is inevitable and you need to do your best to stay safe when out in these conditions. There are several easy ways to maintain your safety while driving out in these conditions. Here are some essential tips to stay safe when driving in high winds:

  • Keep both hands on the wheel at all times. This will help you maintain optimal control of the vehicle and react accordingly if you encounter a random gust.
  • Drive under the speed limit. Speeding during windy conditions makes it difficult to maintain control of your Clermont Toyota vehicle. Drive a little under the speed limit to maintain better control.
  • Scan the road ahead. Wind can bring a lot of debris into your path. Make sure to scan the road ahead for any foreign objects and safely avoid them without putting other drivers at risk.
  • Avoid parking under a large tree when you arrive at your destination. Trees can fall during high winds and walking out to find your ride crushed is truly awful. Avoid this by parking in a clear space.

When things get windy, stay safe with Toyota of Clermont! If you need additional tips, we’re here for you! Stop by and see us today at 16851 State Road 50.