Essential Tips for Driving in Construction Zones

September 11th, 2020 by

No matter where you live (especially somewhere near Orlando) there’s always something being constructed on the road. Highways are always changing, small town roads are being repaved, or workers are on the medians and shoulders performing maintenance. We’re not used to seeing people outside of their vehicles on busy roads but we have a duty to drive carefully and share the road with workers maintaining the routes we use.

Driving through construction zones requires you to pay extra attention to your surroundings and always be aware of what’s going on around you. We at Toyota of Clermont have compiled a few tips to help you navigate through these areas with ease and safely.

Clermont Toyota construction zone tips

Navigate Through Construction Zones Safely with these Tips

Tip 1) Slow Down

Clermont construction zones are rife with unfamiliar terrain and workers are often moving throughout the area. There are always posted speed limit adjustment signs and you should adhere to the closely. Traveling more slowly through these areas gives you ample time to react in the event someone enters the roadway or the terrain changes suddenly.

Tip 2) Obey Flaggers

Depending on how high traffic the construction zone is there will be flaggers there to direct traffic. Always slow down and pay attention to their directions.

Tip 3) Watch Out for and Pay Attention to Signs

Construction zones are filled with different signs to direct Clermont Toyota drivers and warn of hazards and speed limit changes. It’s essential you pay attention to every sign you come across to ensure safe travel through the zone.

Tip 4) Drive Defensively

You should always practice defensive driving when out on the road. But especially when driving through Clermont construction zones. Be sure to leave sufficient room between yourself and the vehicle in front of you and always be watchful for workers and road hazards.

Tip 5) Always Be Ready for Everything

It’s an unfortunate truth, but construction zones are filled with unexpected hazards and occurrences. To make sure you stay safe you need to be ready for anything and everything. Paying close attention to the road and being proactive can save you from colliding with other drivers, colliding with a person, or running over damaging debris.

Tip 6) Use the “Take10” Method When Lane Switching

Switching lanes in a Clermont construction zone can be hazardous and scary if you’re not careful. If you have to change lanes to make an exit or navigate through traffic more effectively, use the Take10 method. Turn on your turn signal for at least 3 seconds and check your mirrors. Then use 7 seconds to complete the lane switch.

Tip 7) Obey All Rules and Signs Until You’re Clear of the Construction Zone

When driving through these areas, make sure to follow all rules until you’ve cleared the zone. This will keep everyone and yourself safe. You can resume normal driving and speed limits when you’ve cleared the construction zone.

Tip 8) Be Patient and Prepare for Delays

Much like one domino knocks a whole row down, one slowing vehicle causes a traffic jam and construction zones are notorious for creating traffic jams. Make sure to slow down and expect this to happen before traveling. You’ll be less frustrated!

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