Essential Tips for Caring for Your Classic Toyota Car

September 27th, 2019 by

Have you ever sat down and thought about all the different franchises, themes, and brands that are being currently rebooted? Old TV shows are being revived, retro games are more popular than they’ve ever been in recent memory, and the Toyota Supra is back at our dealership! Essentially, what’s old eventually becomes new again, whether that be using old themes and ideas or just bringing an old thing back. People collectively love nostalgic things. Re-experiencing things from when we were younger takes us back to that time and gives us the warm fuzzy feelings. This is why there’s such a huge market for classic Toyota cars right now.

People both young and old are actively collecting and hunting for automotive relics to experience what they once had or to experience something that’s downright cool. Collecting classics is an awesome hobby (it’s also probably the most expensive ones you could get yourself into) but you need to know what you’re getting into before getting started. Taking care of classic cars requires more patience, work, and discipline. If you’re ready to take the plunge, Toyota of Clermont is here with a guide to get you started!

Classic Toyota car tips from Toyota of Clermont.

Car Care for Classic Toyota Cars

1) Inspect and Have the Oil Changed

The modern Clermont Toyota car sitting in your driveway is engineered using the latest technology to be as efficient and as tough as possible. Classic cars (while tough) are engineered much differently and future collectors must be aware of that. If you’ve purchased your classic Toyota car make sure to check the oil and likely have it replaced. Depending how long the vehicle has been sitting or what it’s been through prior to you owning, the fluids inside the engine will likely be old and worn. Have the oil changed before turning the keys and starting the engine.

2) Repack the Wheel Bearings

Today’s Clermont Toyota cars use a different type of brake assembly than classic Toyota cars were engineered with. Modern vehicles use a rotor and pad to create friction and bring your vehicle to a stop. Classics use a drum and bearing assembly. This is a closed-off system that uses a small bearing to generate friction when you push the pedal. Repacking the wheel bearings with new grease is doable as a DIY project, but we recommend having one of our auto service experts help you out.

3) Keep it Clean

Your new classic Toyota car might look cool, but it’s been through a lot and is likely significantly older than many other vehicles on the road today. The paint, interior, and other parts are likely wearing after all this time. To keep all these part functioning and looking good you should spend at least one day a week cleaning your vehicle. Wipe down and condition the interior, wax the paint, and rinse the undercarriage to keep things looking like new.

4) Bleed and Pump the Brakes

Like we said earlier, the brake system used in classics is very different than the system used in modern vehicles. Not only do the bearings need to be repacked, the brake lines need to be bled and pumped every so often to prevent fluid blockage. We won’t dive into specifics regarding this procedure, but we recommend doing thorough research and seeking the help of a Clermont Toyota auto service expert before trying this one on your own.

Collecting classic Toyota cars is a truly exciting and fun hobby to get into, but you need to make sure you’re ready for what lies ahead regarding vehicle maintenance. If you need help maintaining your classic Toyota of Clermont is here to help at 16851 State Road 50. Happy hunting!