6 signs to identify your brake system problems

June 6th, 2019 by

It’s easy to remember to check your coolant or your motor oil in your monthly maintenance checks, but some people tend to forget about one of the most important mechanisms in your car: your brake system. If you can’t seem to remember the last time you brought in your vehicle to get your brakes checked, it’s probably time to take a look. Toyota of Clermont service techs are here to help you identify signs that you shouldn’t ignore when it comes to brake problems.

When should you start to worry about your brake system?

Sign #1: When you hear your brakes screeching.

The nuisance noises are a brake problem usually caused by the fact that your Clermont Toyota vehicle needs a new pair of brake pads. Your brakes contain an indicator that sets off this noise when your brake pads become too thin to function properly. Don’t ignore this noise as much as you might want to. Your rotor can be severely damaged if your brake pads are too thin which can turn into an extremely costly fix later on.


Sign #2: Vibrations and pulsation in the pedal or steering wheel.

If this issue is going on for more than a day, your brake system is trying to tell you that it needs help. If you wait any longer than this, your rotors will be damaged from the metal scraping against each other and will potentially cause you to spend more money in repairs. This is an emergency issue so bring your vehicle to our Clermont Toyota dealership right away.


Sign #3: Having to break harder than usual.

If you’re having to brake harder than usual to get your vehicle to stop, your brake system needs immediate attention. This can indicate a very large problem and immediate brake failure which poses a huge threat to your safety and other motorist’s safety on the road. Have our Toyota of Clermont auto service techs check it out!


Sign #4: You smell burning carpet when you brake.

Smelling burning carpet when you engage your brakes should not be ignored. When you detect this scent, it may mean your brakes are overheating if they cannot cool off. Because of this, you run the risk of complete brake failure. It’s important to get this checked out before it’s too late.


Know when it’s time to get your vehicle to Toyota of Clermont for brake system repairs

Sign #5: Your car is pulling to one side when you begin to slow or stop.

If your seems to be “driving on its own,” there might be an issue with the brake caliper in the brake system. A leaky hose could also might not be getting brake fluid where it needs to be.


Sign #6: The brake service light turns on.

While this sign might be a little more obvious than the others, it’s in our human nature to put off those light signal sometimes. When this light turns on, then there is definitely an issue with your brake system. Don’t ignore it and get your vehicle in for Clermont Toyota auto service  as soon as you can to avoid costly fixes.


If you’re having issues with your brakes or think you might be, Toyota of Clermont wants to help. Come down to our Clermont Toyota dealership at 16851 State Rd 50 just off of the Florida turnpike or call us at (352) 404-7001 to schedule an appointment.