Essential Advice for Beginner Drivers

October 26th, 2020 by

Driving is such a commonplace activity today that we often forget just how dangerous and intimidating it can be. For those who are learning to drive with their learners’ permit or never got behind the wheel when they were teenagers, the prospect of driving can be scary. If you’re ready to take the plunge and express your bravery, Toyota of Clermont is here with some essential advice for the beginner drivers out there!

Clermont Toyota beginner drivers tips

Things to Remember for Beginner Drivers

Tip 1) Remember Where Your Tires Are

Driving a car for a beginner is an odd experience and many of us have a hard time adjusting to the amount of space the car takes up. Until you get a real feel and understanding for the dimensions of your ride you might make some mistakes under and overestimating size. A key way to keep your car from getting damaged is to remember where your wheels/tires are. You can practice this by running over a plastic bottle and feeling the sensation in the bottom of the car or by listening for the crunching sound.

Tip 2) Adjust Your Mirrors Before You Drive

Your mirrors are the best way to see what’s around you without having to take your eyes off what’s ahead. Before you head out on your commute make sure they’re well adjusted so you can see everything. For beginner drivers this means looking to fill your blind spots and having a clear view out of the back of the Clermont Toyota vehicle.

Tip 3) Always Watch the Taller Vehicles

Driving in traffic can get stressful and dicey for many beginner drivers. A great way to think ahead and be safe is to look 5-6 cars ahead and watch taller vehicles to see how they maneuver. This can help you determine when to apply your Clermont Toyota brakes and keep yourself from running into the vehicle in front of you.

Tip 4) Use the Anti-Reflective Option on Your Rearview Mirror

Even if you have a standard Clermont car mirror installed in your ride, you may notice it has a small black tab under it. Pushing this tab back will flip the mirror back to create a view with much less glare. You should use this at night if other drivers’ headlights are too bright to see clearly.

Tip 5) Use Your A/C Always

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “use it or lose it” then this rule should make sense. For beginner drivers we recommend always using your A/C system, even during the colder winter months. This will ensure that your air conditioning system continues to work properly.

Tip 6) Slow Down if You See Another One Doing So

As a beginner driver you should always be checking your mirrors. If you see a a driver next to your slowing down you should do the same. This driver could be preparing for a traffic related slowdown, there could be a speed trap up ahead that you’re unaware of, or pedestrians looking to cross the street.

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