3 Different Ways to Charge Your Electric Car

September 19th, 2022 by

Buying an electric car comes with a new world of questions, like how long it takes to charge an electric car? There are many benefits of purchasing an EV in Clermont, Florida, like being able to drive an eco-friendly and less expensive car. However, there’s a lot of relearning when it comes to owning one as well. Today, our experts at Toyota of Clermont are here to give you the rundown on EV charging time, the different types of chargers, and the basics of what you need to know about EV charging. 

How long does it take to charge an electric car?

There’s a lot to consider regarding electric car charging time. Your Clermont Toyota’s electric car charging time depends on the type of charger you’re using. In addition, there are levels when it comes to different kinds of chargers. So, let’s get into the three different EV charging time levels. 

The 3 different types of ways to charge your EV

Level 1: The easiest way to charge but slowest

The first level of charging is the most accessible to everyday living, and the downside is it does take the longest charging time out of the three different types of charging. 

  • 120-volt 
  • Great for drivers with short commutes 
  • Can charge anywhere with a household 3-prong outlet
  • Estimated charging time: 40-50 hours depending on the model 
  • Typically found: inside of the home

Level 2: The most flexible way to charge, as long as you can install it

The second level is the best charger to get set up in your house by a licensed electrician. It has a fast charging time, so you no longer have to worry about stopping at a gas station before work. It’s super simple. Just install one in your garage, and leave it to charge while you’re sleeping. 

  • 240-volt 
  • Best setup for faster charging at home
  • Installed at home by a licensed electrician: use ChargePoint and Qmerit to help you. 
  • You can find level 3 chargers at public charging stations everywhere
  • Estimated charging time: 4-10 hours
  • Typically found: In the home, workplace, and Public

Level 3: The fastest way to charge, but not the cheapest to install

The third level of Ev charging time is the fastest charging station. The downside is that these charging stations are only found in public places. That’s because they cost tens of thousands of dollars to install. 

  • DC fast charging 
  • The quickest way to charge up on the go
  • Only available in public charging stations. Check out charging stations in Clermont, FL
  • Only available for the bZ4X 
  • Estimated charging time: 20 minutes – 1 hour 
  • Typically found: in Public 

Examples of DC fast charging connector types: 

  • CCS connector 
  • CHAdeMO connector 
  • Telsa connector 

The Basics of Charging 

To prepare for owning an electric vehicle, like the Toyota bZ4X, you may want to figure out the basics of charging your EV. This will help you eliminate any occurrences of range anxiety. First, figure out where the charging stations in your city are located. You may also want to look into installing a level 2 charging station in your home by a licensed electrician. There are many differences of taking care of a Clermont electric car and a gasoline-engined car. 

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