Warning signs telling you to get a new car battery

July 24th, 2019 by

Most of the time, the many signs and symptoms of a bad car battery will show up way before your battery actually goes dead or stops working efficiently. Whether it’s a car leak, a corroding battery, or there simply isn’t enough power, your Clermont Toyota’s battery should be taken care of right away. The chances of getting stranded with a bad battery are at large. Thankfully, our Toyota of Clermont auto service techs have come up with a list of telltale signs letting you know that it’s time for a battery replacement. 

Toyota of Clermont’s telltale signs letting you know that it’s time for a new battery

Sign #1: Something smells odd

If you try turning on your Clermont Toyota and there is a car smell similar to the scent like rotten eggs, it could be due to a car battery problem. This could in part be due to a car leak. This fix not only requires an entirely new battery, but it also might require you to get some engine maintenance. Sulfuric acid can leak from the battery and quickly corrode your engine parts, so contact one of our Clermont auto service techs to check on any leaks right away.


Sign #2: You’re beginning to experience electrical issues.

If your car lights won’t turn on, your windows won’t pull up, the radio doesn’t work, or any of the other electrical units in your Clermont Toyota don’t work, there might not be enough electricity coming from the battery. You can provide a temporary fix by jumping your car, but you will ultimately need a new car battery altogether. 


Sign #3: Dashboard light is on.

This sign is the most obvious. This icon will light up right away if there is an issue with your car battery. In some cars that don’t have a battery light, usually, the check engine light will turn on. While you might not necessarily be able to lift up the hood and see what’s going on, you should bring your Clermont Toyota in to be looked at by one of our auto service techs.


Sign #4: Your car is taking forever to start

Your car battery carries the responsibility of producing enough power to start your car every time you turn the ignition. If there isn’t enough power in your battery, your vehicle is going to feel very sluggish when you try to turn it on. It’s very possible that you might not be lucky enough for your vehicle to start next time, so it’s vital that you get the battery checked and replaced if needed once the car feels like it’s being slow. 


Sign #5: Battery swelling or bulging case

In places with extreme weather – both hot and cold temperatures – your car battery case can start swelling up. The result of this is that the battery inside the casing ends up draining and then needs to be replaced. This sign is a little bit easier to spot since you should visually be able to see a bulge.

Having car battery issues but you’re not sure how to fix it? Let Toyota of Clermont help!

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