Troubleshooting your exhaust system: A simple guide

August 14th, 2019 by

When most people hear the term “exhaust system“, they automatically think of the set of tailpipes sticking out from under the back of their car. They’re not wrong – the tailpipe is an essential part to this system. However, there’s a lot more to it than that! Your car’s exhaust system actually stretches from engine bay to tailpipe, leaving a lot to maintain and troubleshoot in between. This system is integral to a safe and efficient performance, but also to maintaining our environment. Toyota of Clermont is here with a quick troubleshooting guide for this VIP system so you can save time AND money. Here are some things to look out for!

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6 common car exhaust system issues to look out for

#1: A gasoline smell inside the cabin. 

Do you smell gas inside the cabin of your car? If so, get it to our Clermont Toyota service center right away. Not only can this lead to carbon monoxide poisoning for you and your passengers – which can be fatal – it stems from a major leak inside your exhaust system that needs to be fixed immediately.

#2: A tailpipe that is rattling or hanging lower than it should be. 

Can you hear your tailpipe rattling against the car when you’re in motion? Is it hanging lower than it should underneath the car? This can damage the rest of the system as well as become road debris if the issue gets bad enough. Let our auto service techs get your tailpipe reattached properly.

#3: Hissing or tapping noises from the engine. 

Can you hear strange hissing or tapping noises coming from the engine bay? These sounds usually result from leaks in the exhaust system – usually to do with the manifold gasket – and you need to get them resolved ASAP to avoid further damage.

#4: A burning smell 

When your exhaust system has issues with gaskets and valves wearing out or breaking, exhaust fumes tend to build up. Believe it or not, the heat from the fumes can actually start to melt the plastic wiring components within the system and cause major issues. You may also see smoke coming from the tailpipe. Let our Clermont auto service techs take care of it for you!

#5: Poor power and acceleration 

Do you feel like your car has to work a lot harder to get normal acceleration, or that it’s losing power? This is indicative of an issue with the exhaust system – typically, a leak. It’s not a DIY fix, so schedule an appointment with our Clermont Toyota techs so they can pinpoint the leak and repair it.

#6: Reduced fuel efficiency

As a result of reduced acceleration and power, your car will try to overcompensate and end up using more gas. This leads to reduced fuel efficiency (and a reduced bank account).

Let Toyota of Clermont get you back on the road

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