Toyota of Clermont shares more car hacks

March 31st, 2021 by

Are you constantly looking for ways to make your drive time more efficient and less stressful? You’re not alone – plenty of drivers are looking for the right hacks to make their time behind the wheel as enjoyable as possible. We’ve shared them before, but we’re back to share a few more… check out Toyota of Clermont’s car hacks to make your time in the driver’s seat the best that it can be.

car hacks

Seven quick car hacks to make your life easier

Hack #1: Use the speed limit to your advantage. Did you know that following the speed limit can actually work to your advantage? Stoplights are designed so that if drivers follow the speed limit, they’ll hit as many green lights in a row as possible. Going the speed limit instead of driving recklessly can actually get you to your destination sooner (and without a speeding ticket or worse).

Hack #2: Clean your car with slime. Slime – kids love it, parents detest it. But you can put it to use! Use slime to get into the cracks and crevices of your Clermont Toyota and pick up dirt, dust, and debris. Just make sure you get rid of it afterward.

Hack #3: Put your mechanical key to use. Have you ever had that moment of panic when your remote key fob won’t work? How will you get into your car? Luckily, there’s a mechanical key inside the fob. And if you look closely at the door handle, you’ll notice that a section of it can be popped off, and you’ll find a mechanical lock there.

Hack #4: Cool down the interior fast. It gets hot here in Clermont and your car can quickly become unbearable after sitting in the parking lot for a few hours. Cool it off quickly, but don’t open all four windows. Instead, create the right airflow to bring the interior temp down by lowering the front two windows for a few minutes, then rolling them back up and blasting the air conditioner.

Hack #5: Make your Clermont Toyota easy to locate. Are you guilty of forgetting where you parked? You’re not the only one. Make your car easy to locate by making it stand out. You can stick something on the audio antenna, or put something brightly colored in one of the windows.

Hack #6: Touch up scratches without breaking the bank. Do you have small scratches in your paint that you don’t want to shell out to fix? We get it. Here’s a temporary solution – use nail polish. There are so many shades out there that it should be easy to find one that matches you ride.

Hack #7: Put a pool noodle to use. They’re not just for the pool – they can actually come in handy in preventing you from dinging your car doors. If your garage is a tight squeeze, attach half of a pool noodle to the wall where your car door would hit to avoid dings in both the wall AND your Clermont Toyota.

Have questions or need MORE car hacks? Call Toyota of Clermont! We’re open seven days a week at (352) 404-7000. You can stop by and see us at 16851 State Road 50, just west of the Florida Turnpike.