Tips for Shopping for Alternative Fuel Vehicles

November 1st, 2019 by

Today, being environmentally conscience is far more than just a simple trend. Climate change’s effects are more evident than ever and individuals and industries alike are stepping up to improve the environment and reverse human-caused damages. If you’re someone who avidly recycles, composts, and rides their bike when they can, you might be wondering what else you can do to help. Have you ever considered switching out your current ride for an alternative fuel vehicle? These unique cars use a different type of fuel to generate power than gasoline and motor oil. Luckily, with the rapidly advancing technology in the automotive industry, drivers have several choices when it comes to alternative fuel vehicles.

If you’re unsure of which type you should drive, Toyota of Clermont is here with an easy guide to help it all make sense!

Alternative fuel vehicle available in Clermont

Exploring Clermont Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Before we explore the different types of alternative fuel vehicles available to consumers, you need to keep a few things in mind before you begin shopping for one:

  1. Make sure where you live has the right infrastructure for you and your new vehicle. There’s a reason why the Toyota Mirai is only available over on the west coast and in Hawaii (unfortunately for us).
  2. Consider your needs as a driver. Clermont alternative fuel vehicles have come a long way in their engineering, but if you’re looking for a working vehicle, like a pickup truck, you might want to consider sticking to a combustion based truck.
  3. Decide on your preferred fuel type.

Hybrid Engineering

Being a huge fan of Toyota, you’ve probably heard of the iconic Clermont Toyota Prius. This vehicle is hailed as the first mass produced alternative fuel vehicle as it features hybrid engineering. While still using a partial internal combustion engine, hybrid vehicles employ a larger battery and electric powered drivetrain to improve fuel efficiency exponentially and produce fewer emissions than vehicles that run solely on combustion power.

Hybrids are one of the most common forms of differently fueled vehicles on the market and they’re available in abundance here at Toyota of Clermont. In fact, there are hybrid versions of the Toyota RAV4, Camry, Corolla, and Highlander. There are even industry talks of Toyota possibly introducing hybrid versions of the Tacoma and Tundra. These vehicles still use gasoline and occassionally come in plug-in models to draw electric power.


Electric Power

Using solely a battery, electric vehicles are a great option when it comes to alternative fuel vehicles. They’re powered purely by electricity and some models have been engineered to have mileage ranges of almost 400 miles on a full charge. Sportier electric vehicles have 0 – 60 mph times below 2 seconds and offer a thrilling driving experience without using a large or high gasoline consuming engine. Charging stations are fairly abundant and most models come with charging accessories so drivers can plug the vehicle right into their home outlets.


Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Another emission free form of alternative fuel is the hydrogen fuel cell. These Clermont Toyota vehicles are engineering using a fueling system that only uses hydrogen as a fuel source. This generates power by use of a fuel stack that only produces water as a byproduct.

Unfortunately for drivers that live in Clermont, there doesn’t exist suitable infrastructure in our area for one to own a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle like the Toyota Mirai. But, maybe one day they’ll make their way here!


Need more information and tips on shopping for your new alternative fuel vehicle? Visit Toyota of Clermont online and in store at 16851 State Road 50 today!