Thinking of Skipping These Auto Services? Don’t!

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Your ride is a delicate machine that needs a steady and consistent hand to make it tick. Timing is everything, especially when it comes to auto services. While you might think you’re paying an arm and a leg every time you get an oil change or an alignment, you’re actually saving yourself quite a lot of future money. Keeping a routine service schedule can make all the difference when it comes to the health of your ride.

At Toyota of Clermont, we’re here to explain a few auto services you probably don’t want to skip. Because, if you do, you’ll likely be spending more money than you needed to in the first place.

Clermont auto service tips.

If You Want to Preserve Your Cash, Don’t Skip These

1) Oil Changes

While it’s an exceedingly simple Clermont auto service, the oil change is one of the most important to have done regularly. Motor oil is needed for your vehicle to function and going too long without a change can lead to terrible consequences. As debris and grime builds up in the engine your oil can become a detriment to your engine. Make sure to get your oil changed on a scheduled basis here at our Clermont Toyota auto service center.

2) Brake Pads

A huge part of driving your Clermont Toyota car is stopping it, right? Your brake pads need to be maintained regularly as you tack on mileage. Brake pads can become thin over time and often need to be replaced to protect the rotors and keep your ride stopping consistently. If the rotors become compromised, you could be looking at a bill ranging into the hundreds of dollars.

3) Air Filter Replacement

Your engine, unless you drive a Clermont Toyota EV, takes in air to combust fuel and drive. To keep bad air from entering into your engine compartment, your car uses an air filter. Naturally, this part can get dirty over time and needs to be cleaned and/or replaced as part of your auto service schedule. If you suspect that this part is compromised, make sure to have it inspected ASAP to avoid any long term damage.

4) Timing Belt

Apart from intaking air and lighting gasoline on fire, your engine needs to be timed perfectly to run the way it’s supposed to. To do this your Clermont Toyota car uses a timing belt. And yes, you guessed it, this part can eventually break or have issues. If this part were to snap or come dislodged while you’re driving, it could severely damage other various pieces of your ride. Have this inspected regularly to keep your wallet in better fashion.

5) Tire Rotations

Everyone hates paying for tires (it’s not quite like paying for shoes) because they’re so expensive to replace. While inevitably you’ll have to replace your tires you can make them last longer while preserving your suspension system and wheels. It’s recommended by our Clermont auto service techs that you have a tire rotation done each time you get an oil change. This will keep your tires lasting longer and will create an even wear pattern over time, keeping your suspension system in the best shape possible.

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