Six signs you need to schedule alternator repairs

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Everyone knows how important the car battery is to performance. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to start your car OR keep it running. However, in order to get you where you need to go, your battery has to use a tremendous amount of power… and it can’t do it alone. That’s where your car alternator comes in!

Your car alternator is responsible for recycling power while your car is in motion so that it can charge the battery and keep it from draining. Without a working car alternator, you’ll find your battery dies pretty quickly, leaving you stranded. That’s why it’s essential that you’re able to spot alternator problems before they become bigger issues, and Toyota of Clermont’s expert service techs are here to tell you how. Use our handy checklist to figure out if it’s time to schedule auto repairs.

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Six signs you need to visit Toyota of Clermont for repairs

1. Your car alternator light is on. 

There’s a warning light for this essential part in some cars; it’s usually shaped like a car battery and will say ALT or GEN underneath. If it illuminates, then you need to schedule Clermont auto service to get things taken care of and get you back out on the road. The car battery light is another good indicator that you’re having issues with this VIP part, so don’t delay diagnosing the problem!

2. You notice that your lights are dimmer than usual. 

Are your car’s interior and exterior lights dimmer than usual? Or maybe you start your vehicle and they’re nice and bright, but as you drive they start to get dimmer? Not only is this dangerous for you and other drivers, it’s also a sign that your car needs alternator repairs ASAP. Remember, this part helps power the electrical system of the car so when your lights dim, that system isn’t getting the juice it needs to work properly.

3. Your car won’t start properly. 

If you’re having trouble getting your car started or it’s dead altogether and you KNOW you have (or at least, had) a good battery, your car alternator is likely the issue. If it’s not working, it’s not recharging your battery, which means that battery is going to drain fairly quickly. Let Toyota of Clermont take a peek under the hood.

4. You hear odd noises coming from the engine. 

If you hear weird noises like grinding or whining noises, it can be an indication of an issue with this important part. The car alternator has a lot of moving pieces and when one of them breaks, it can cause a cacophony of noise under the hood. Combine this with any of the other signs in this list, and you need auto repairs, stat.

5. You smell “electrical fire” smell. 

Your car alternator works in conjunction with belts to stay in motion. If the belts aren’t working properly, they can create excess friction and in turn, make that “electrical fire” smell because of the heat. Call our Clermont auto service center to pinpoint the problem and fix it.

6. You can see a broken belt inside the engine bay. 

If you can actually see a broken belt inside of your engine bay, it’s time to visit us for repairs! Without working belts, this essential auto part is going nowhere fast.

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Let us fix your car alternator today

Need to schedule repairs? Call Toyota of Clermont today at (352) 404-7001. You can also stop by for repairs and service at 16851 State Road 50, just west of the Florida Turnpike.

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