Replacing Your Car Battery DIY Style: A Quick Guide

June 30th, 2021 by

Auto service is one of the most essential things that you, a vehicle owner, need to do to make sure your ride stays working. For some people, this process gives them peace of mind and can be therapeutic when done DIY style. But, for some people it’s more of an annoying obligatory expense that seems without reward. Here at Toyota of Clermont, we pride ourselves on giving you the best in auto service at reasonable prices so it doesn’t feel like you’re spending an arm and a leg for an oil change. One auto service that’s particularly easy and can save you a lot of money with a little DIY adventurism is replacing your car battery.

If you’ve tried this one before or are interested in doing this as your next DIY project, we’re here to help! Let’s dive into our guide and get you on your way with a new battery!

Clermont car battery replacement tips.

Replacing Your Clermont Car Battery. Easier Than You Think

Different types of auto service jobs can definitely be intimidating or near impossible if you don’t have the right tools. It’s not likely you’ll be doing a DIY alignment anytime soon or even installing a tire onto a wheel as you need the right machines for those. But, if you have a socket wrench lying around, you’re more than ready to tackle a car battery replacement. Before you dive in though, here are a few things to consider:

  • Replacing your battery is simple, but there’s still plenty that could go wrong. The first thing you should do is find the correct battery to use in your Clermont Toyota car. Your local Toyota dealership can definitely help you out, but a battery from a certified dealer parts store can often be expensive. You can save money by shopping for an aftermarket battery at a popular auto parts retailer. But make sure you’re getting the exact right battery for your make and model.
  • You should also assess the condition of your old car battery before starting the replacement. Sometimes corrosion can build up on the terminals and make it difficult to remove the clamps. If this happens, you need to do some cleaning before getting started.
  • Make sure you have the right supplies handy. Replacing your Clermont car battery is simple and there aren’t many tools needed to get the job done. But, you need to make sure you have the right equipment to make the process smooth. A socket wrench, petroleum jelly, gloves, and protective eyewear are all recommended for this type of auto service job.

Now that you’ve done your prep work, it’s time to get into the actual replacement. Here’s how to do it:

  • Using your socket wrench, start removing the clamps that are attached to the battery’s terminals. **Make sure to remove the NEGATIVE (Black,  -) cable BEFORE the POSITIVE (Red, +) one!**
  • Once the clamps are loose, remove them from the terminals and set them aside.
  • Next, remove the car battery from its housing completely and set aside.
  • Put the new battery into the housing slot of your engine compartment and apply a generous amount of petroleum jelly to the terminals. This will act as a more stable conductor between the terminals and the clamps and prevent corrosion from building up.
  • Replace the clamps onto the terminals. **Reverse the process above! POSITIVE (Red, +) clamp goes first followed by the NEGATIVE (Black, -) one!**
  • Tighten the clamps into place, close the hood, and start your car. If it starts up normally or better than it did before, you did it!

Need more tips or want someone else to finish your DIY car battery replacement? Toyota of Clermont is here to help at 16851 State Road 50!

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