Removing the Peskiest Stains from Your Car Paint

August 25th, 2021 by

It’s true that many things are out to get the better of your car paint. Unfortunately, there’s little many of us can do to really prevent damage from happening. Rocks will fly and dent, debris will stain, and so on. But, you can always take care of these issues after they happen to make sure your paint stays in fair shape. There are some things out there that are peskier than others, however.

While pesky, they’re not impossible to remove. Toyota of Clermont is here to give you the rundown of substances to watch out for and how to take care of them if they happen to plague your ride. Let’s get it!

Clermont car paint damage tips.

Save Your Car Paint with These Tips


Water Stains

We realize that keeping water off your Clermont Toyota car is next to impossible to pull off. But, it’s absolutely imperative that you take care of water before a stain sets in. This is likely one of the most common forms of car paint stains there is. Hard water, meaning water with mineral deposits attached, is common everywhere and when it dries on your paint it can leave a stain. The easiest way to take care of this is to clean and wax your car thoroughly and make sure you actually dry your vehicle off after washing it.


Bird Droppings and Bug Debris

Parking under a tree means you reap the benefits of shade keeping things cool. But this also means you run the risk of having your ride crapped on by a winged friend. It’s not their fault, they have to go to the bathroom somewhere. Unfortunately, many of us delay cleaning this type of stain along with bug entrails that attach to the front bumper. The longer you wait, the more damage the acidity can cause. Instead, use vinegar and distilled water combo for the poop and wet dryer sheets for the bug entrails.

Asphalt, Cement, Highway Paint

All substances you could probably pick up driving near a construction zone in Clermont. And all substances designed to stay firmly in place even on your car paint. Dealing with these types of damage requires tact and care. Start by gradually removing the blemishes using an oil based substance. We’re talking Goo-Gone and WD40. Remove the substance gradually and inspect the area to make sure you removed it fully. If not, carefully clean away what’s left to avoid scratching your ride.


Touching your ride might seem like a great way to show admiration for your machine, but it’s definitely not saying thank you. Fingerprints transfer the dirt and grime already on your hands to the Clermont Toyota car paint and act as a conductor for more grime and dirt. Refrain from touching your ride and remove finger oil and prints by using a mild soap and microfiber cloth.


Need more help removing pesky substances from your car paint? Visit Toyota of Clermont for supplies and professional guidance today at 16851 State Road 50.

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