Four Auto Repairs you shouldn’t overlook

March 18th, 2019 by

Driving your Clermont Toyota vehicle comes with a variety of benefits. You’re free to drive wherever you want and that opens up a world of possibility. But your car is a machine and machines inevitably need maintenance and auto repairs to stay running mile after mile. Vehicle ownership means dealing with things like oil changes, tire rotations, and belt replacements as time goes on and you need to be prepared for it. While some auto repairs on your Clermont Toyota vehicle can be put on the back burner, there are a few that you probably shouldn’t skip, unless you want to risk your car breaking down. Lucky for you, Toyota of Clermont is here to help with our list of four essential car repair jobs you should never skip.

Auto repairs made easy at Toyota of Clermont.

1) Car battery issues

Just like your tv remote stops working when the batteries need to be changed, the same happens to your Clermont Toyota vehicle. If there’s a problem with this essential auto part, your battery light will turn on (seen in your dashboard cluster). This auto repair should be done immediately as other problems will follow. A dead battery or alternator can keep your vehicle from starting and essential electric components in your car will stop working. If your car has stopped working, you’ll need to either get someone to jump your battery you get a tow to our auto service center here at Toyota of Clermont.

2) Faulty brakes

A big part of driving is being able to stop at the right time to avoid an accident with either the car in front of you or a pedestrian. If you can’t stop your vehicle, you shouldn’t be driving it. While driving, if you notice that your brakes are taking longer to bring your Clermont Toyota car to a stop or letting off the gas is better than using the brakes, then you need to put up the keys and call a towing service. Have this auto repair job done as soon as possible to avoid an accident. Some obvious signs of failing brakes include squealing or shuddering when you apply the brakes.

3) Timing belt

A lot of things in life depend on perfect timing, including your Clermont Toyota car’s engine. The timing belt is what makes this possible and if there are problems with this auto part, you’re in for some serious auto repair. Typical signs for this issue include ticking noises when starting the car, engine misfires, and an inability to start. Don’t ignore this, bring your car by now.

4) Engine overheating

You should never see smoke rising from the engine compartment of your car, if you do, your car has a problem. Driving on an overheating engine can do some serious damage to your Clermont Toyota car and you’ll be looking at some serious auto repair expenses. Get that fixed before it’s too late!

Auto Repairs made easy at Toyota of Clermont

Some auto repair jobs shouldn’t be ignored. If you have questions or need to get your car repaired, schedule an appointment at Toyota of Clermont today! We’re located at 16851 State Road 50 and open seven days a week.

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