Don’t make these common but dangerous mistakes at the gas pump

February 26th, 2020 by

Pumping gas is pretty simple – right? You pull up to the station, insert the nozzle of the hose into your fuel tank, pump, and go. However, did you know that you could be making potentially dangerous mistakes without even realizing it? Toyota of Clermont is here to talk to you about some of the most common ones so you can adjust your habits at the gas pump and stay safe every time you fill up.

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Are you making these mistakes at the gas pump? Toyota of Clermont explains

1.  Climbing in and out of your car: It’s tempting to climb back into the driver’s seat when you’re pumping gas, especially if it’s cold or rainy outside. However, you should resist the urge to get in and out of your car while pumping. When you climb in and out of the driver’s seat, it creates static electricity, and a small charge builds up on your body. If you reach for the gas nozzle and that charge sparks, you could end up with a fire on your hands (literally). Stay outside the car while at the gas pump, for safety’s sake.

2. “Topping the tank off”: A lot of people like to “top the tank off” because they think they’re squeezing in a few last drops of gas and really getting their money’s worth. This is actually a bad idea. Automatic shut-off valves exist for a reason – you know that “click” noise you hear when your tank is full? That indicates that maximum capacity has been met – gas expands inside the fuel tank, and it needs room to do it. If you overfill your tank, you run the risk of too much pressure inside the tank as the gas expands, which can quickly result in a gas leak.

3. Leaving your car running while you pump: Did you know it’s dangerous to leave your car running while at the gas pump? When your car is turned on, it’s putting off heat and static electricity. Both of these are extremely dangerous in the presence of gasoline or even gas vapors and can cause a major fire. Turn your ride off before you even start pumping.

4. Using your cell phone: Contrary to what many believe, your phone won’t start a fire at the gas pump. However, it can be extremely distracting at best! When you’re on your phone, you’re a lot more likely to overfill your gas tank, lock your keys in the car, or even drive away with the hose nozzle still attached to your car. Put your phone up and do away with the distractions.

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5. Not locking your car doors: When you leave your car unlocked at the gas pump, it’s pretty easy to become a victim. While you’re on one side of the car pumping fuel, it’s easy for thieves to sneak into the other side and steal your belongings via an unlocked door or open window. Crack or close your windows and lock up.

6. Smoking while pumping gas: Believe it or not, some people still smoke while pumping gas. All it takes is one hot ash or tiny ember to cause a fire and possible explosion. Put it out!

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