Car parts: 10 you should know as a car owner

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Does the sight of a light in your dash coming on make you overly apprehensive? Do you dread your routine auto service appointments because you never know how much it’ll cost you to get back on the road? If so, you may be due for a new mechanic, first of all. Having a trusted relationship with your auto service provider can make those routine checkups a lot less frightening. However, it may also help to have some base knowledge of what goes on under the hood of your ride. Toyota of Clermont is here to help with ALL of your auto service and car parts needs, and we sat down with our knowledgeable techs to create a quick list of some of the most common car parts you should know about. Check it out below.

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You should know these 10 car parts

#1: Mass airflow sensor: Your mass airflow sensor is a critical car part for performance. It gauges how much air is being pulled into the engine so the corresponding proper amount of fuel can be mixed with it. This air/fuel mixture is ignited to get your engine up and running, so you want the mass airflow sensor to be working at all times.

#2: Shock absorbers: Shock absorbers help to keep you and your passengers comfortable inside the cabin of your Clermont Toyota. They absorb shock from the road (like when you’re on rough terrain or hit a pothole) so you’re not bouncing around on the car’s springs the entire time.

#3: Muffler: The muffler helps to keep your drive time quieter by doing just what it sounds like – muffling the noise from the engine. This car part keeps things much more peaceful for you, your passengers, and everyone around you.

#4: A/C compressor: Your A/C compressor is responsible for ensuring that your car’s A/C is working properly (a critical car part here in Clermont). If your A/C kicks out, be sure to have our Clermont auto service tech check this part.

#5: Heater core: Conversely, this car part keeps your cabin warm when you need the heat on (not very often in Clermont). It’s located behind your dashboard and can be tricky to get to, so repairing it is probably best left to the experts.

#6: Camshaft: Your Clermont Toyota’s camshaft is the car part that’s crucial in opening and closing the valves in your engine. They open to let fuel and air in and let exhaust gases out, so if this part isn’t working, you’re going to have major performance problems.

#7: Windshield wiper motor: The windshield wiper motor ensures that your wipers are working when you need it most on your Clermont Toyota.

#8: Ignition coil: This car part sends voltage to the spark plugs to help them spark. In turn, this spark causes the internal combustion your engine needs to get started.

#9: Axle or CV shaft: The axle or CV shaft sends power from your differential to either your front wheels or rear wheels (depending on whether your Clermont Toyota is front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive). These car parts are encased in rubber, which can wear out over time and need to be replaced.

#10: Power window switch: If you have power windows in your car – which nowadays, you probably do – you have a power window switch responsible for getting the windows up and down. It can wear out as dirt and dust work their way into it or just from excessive use.

Toyota of Clermont has answers to all of your car parts questions

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