10 common car maintenance terms you should know

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Do you feel confident when you walk in the doors of our Clermont Toyota service center? We want you to – after all, your car is in good hands when you leave it with our trained Toyota technicians. However, we know that getting car maintenance can be a little nerve-wracking, even if it’s routine car care. That’s why we’ve taken the time to come up with a list of some of the most common car maintenance terms that will help you get a firmer grasp on what goes on under the hood so you can feel more confident when it comes to your car care.

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Get more confident about your car maintenance

#1: Oil filter: This important car part plays a big role in keeping your engine running. The oil filter prevents any dirt, debris, or anything else that can be abrasive from getting into your engine (where it can do pretty costly damage). This is why it’s key to replace the oil filter routinely.

#2: Catalytic converter: Your catalytic converter plays an essential role in both your safety and your environmental responsibility. It’s part of the exhaust system and basically, it converts toxic gases into safer emissions before they’re released by your vehicle.

#3: Air filter: Your air filter is part of the air intake system, and this part prevents dirt and debris from getting sucked into the engine when it pulls air in.

#4: OEM: OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer and applies to car parts. If you see an OEM part, it means that the automaker who manufactured your vehicle made the part and it’s not an aftermarket part.

#5: Spark plug: In order to get your car up and running, ignition has to take place… and that means you need a spark to create the internal combustion that gets your engine going. This is where your spark plugs come in – they provide that spark.

#6: Fuel pump: Your fuel pump is the car part responsible for moving fuel from the gas tank to the engine, so it’s critical for performance.

#7: Alternator: Your alternator also plays a big role in getting your car started as this part is responsible for keeping your car battery charged and ready to go. It also powers ignition and your car’s electrical systems when it’s turned on.

#8: Timing belt: The timing belt helps to ensure that critical parts are moving in sync with one another, which in turn ensures that valves open and close when they should to keep your engine working in top condition.

#9: Head gasket: The head gasket acts as a seal between the cylinder head and engine block. It seals off the internal combustion that takes place in your engine when you start your car, and also prevents coolant and oil from mixing inside the engine (which would be a big problem).

#10: Dipstick: The dipstick is a slim metal rod with a handle that you use to check your oil’s level and condition. Basically, this rod reaches down into the oil reservoir and when you pull it out of the engine, you can check both the level and how clean the oil is to ensure your car can still efficiently run.

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