5 reasons your check engine light may be on

September 25th, 2019 by

Have you ever slid into the driver’s seat, cranked the ignition, and seen the check engine light turn on in the dash? It’s a pretty terrible feeling, in all honestly – what issue (and subsequent costly repair) is making that little amber light glow? However, before you panic, try to identify the issue… and that’s where Toyota of Orlando comes in. Check out these 5 main reasons you may see your check engine light come on.

Why is your check engine light on?

Check engine light

Reason #1: You need a new mass airflow sensor

If you need a mass airflow sensor – the part that measures how much air your engine is pulling in to get that fuel/air mixture right for combustion – then you’ll notice performance issues with your car, such as trouble accelerating and reduced fuel economy (in addition to that check engine light). Don’t delay in getting this part repaired or replaced, as it can cause damage to your catalytic converter, O2 sensors, and spark plugs.

Reason #2: Your catalytic converter has gone bad

Your catalytic converter is important to your car’s performance because it takes the harmful carbon monoxide emissions your vehicle produces and changes them into carbon dioxide – a must for Mother Earth. Your check engine light may come on if this part fails and you’ll also notice that your car tends to run hotter than usual and has reduced fuel economy and performance. Let our Clermont auto service techs get things back on track!

Reason #3: You need new spark plugs 

Your spark plugs are responsible for igniting the fuel/air mixture in your engine’s combustion chamber, thus getting your ride up and running. If they go bad, you’ll have trouble starting your vehicle as well as problems with acceleration and fuel efficiency. You don’t want to delay replacing them, as they can cause clogs in your catalytic converter and issues with your O2 sensor. Let Toyota of Clermont replace them as needed!

Reason #4: Your O2 sensor is bad. 

If your O2 sensor has gone bad, then it’s time to schedule auto repairs – this part measures the amount of unburned oxygen in your exhaust system and is crucial for fuel efficiency. You’ll notice your fuel economy dropping in addition to your check engine light turning on. Don’t waste money and time – bring your ride into our auto service center ASAP.

Reason #5: Your gas cap isn’t screwed in all the way. 

This is the best case scenario for when your check engine light comes on! Before you do anything, get out and check that the gas cap to your car is screwed in tightly. The cap is responsible for maintaining pressure inside the fuel tank as well as preventing gas fumes from escaping into the atmosphere.

Toyota of Clermont can get you back out on the road

Concerned about your check engine light? Call Toyota of Clermont today – we’re open and waiting at (352) 404-7001, or you can swing by and talk to our techs at 16851 State Road 50, just off the Florida Turnpike.

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