5 brake issues to look out for

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Do you feel like your car brakes aren’t operating at the capacity they should be? It may be time to schedule an appointment at Toyota of Clermont to have our techs give them a once over. After all, your car brakes are critical to performance and safety and you don’t want to take any chances when it comes to their capabilities. It’s wise to stick to a routine brake service schedule AND be able to spot issues when they first develop so you can nip them in the bud and get back on the road. Toyota of Clermont’s auto service techs are here to discuss some of the most common brake issues and what they mean.

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Don’t let these common car brake issues keep you off the road

Issue #1: Your brakes feel difficult to push down. 

Is it hard to engage your brakes and take more pressure than normal to put them into use? This could indicate that you’ve got issues with your car brake system – particularly, with the vacuum hose, a bad power booster, brake pads that are overworn, or a caliper that has seized up. Whatever it is, our Clermont auto service techs will need to see your vehicle to get you safely back on the road.

Issue #2: Your brakes don’t disengage properly when you release them. 

Are you having an issue with your car brakes still braking even after you’ve released the brake pedal? This is typically caused by a problem with a pinched brake line or a seized caliper. It can also mean that you have a clog in the master cylinder or that you are having an issue with your parking brake cable. Let our Clermont car brake specialists find the root of the problem for you!

Issue #3: Your brakes feel soft when you press them. 

Does it feel like your brakes are almost mushy when you press them, and that you have to press them a lot harder to get the desired slowing or stopping? This can indicate a multitude of issues, including: a blown brake line, a problem with your brake fluid (like it’s too low or has a leak), a bad wheel bearing, or even an issue with your master cylinder. Soft brakes are unsafe, so don’t delay having them inspected.

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Issue #4: Your car shakes or vibrates when you hit the brakes. 

If your car shudders, shakes, or vibrates when you hit the brake pedal, it means rotor problems. Whether your rotors have build-up them or are warped from excessive heat (which happens when your brake pads are too thin). Our car brake service techs will either have to clean, resurface, or replace them (depending on how bad the warping is).

Issue #5: Your pedal sinks to the floor while it’s being used.

When you’re holding your brake pedal down (like at a stoplight), does it feel like it’s sinking to the floor and losing resistance? This can be due to a problem with your brake pressure. There’s either an issue with the master cylinder – it could be a leak or a blown seal, but our Clermont Toyota service techs need to check it out to ensure it’s fixed properly.

Toyota of Clermont can get you safely back on the road

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