Wheel balancing, wheel alignments, and tire rotations: the main differences

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In order to get the best possible performance and the longest life out of your car tires, you need to keep them on a routine maintenance schedule that includes tire rotations, wheel balances, and wheel alignments. However, not too many people are aware of how these three services differ and why each is important for the health of your car tires. Toyota of Clermont is here with a quick guide to these three car maintenances – read on.

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Which of these car tire services should you be scheduling?

Tire rotations

Tire rotations are essential and are the most frequently performed of these three car tire services. Basically, our Clermont Toyota techs will rotate your tires from left to right AND from front to back. This ensures that all four tires are wearing evenly and will last the length of time they’re supposed to. You should schedule tire rotations for your ride every six months or every 6,000 – 8,000 miles for the best results.

Wheel balancing 

Wheel balancing also helps to ensure great performance from your car tires but the process is nothing like tire rotations. When your tires meet the road, the undergo a certain amount of wear and tear that causes blemishes and imperfections in the rubber. Additionally, accident and collisions can damage the tire and the rims. All of this leads to imbalanced weight with a tire that has “heavier” spots than others.

This uneven weight distribution makes your car wobble or bounce when you hit the road, and you’ll notice vibrations in your steering wheel, seat, and floor boards. You might also see scalloped or cupped marks on your tires. This leads to uneven wear, bad performance, and issues with your tires in terms of flats and blowouts.

The solution? Our Clermont Toyota techs will use weight to counterbalance the “heavy” spots and even things out when the tire is in motion, giving you a smooth performance. You should schedule wheel balancing every time you get a tire rotation or tire repairs performed.

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Wheel alignments 

Unlike wheel balancing and using weights to fix an issue, wheel alignments are all about using angles. When you get your new car, the factory has aligned the wheels with certain angles to ensure that all tires are perpendicular to the road and parallel to one another. Over time, wear and tear (and accidents, collisions, and even hitting a curb) can knock your car out of alignment.

During a wheel alignment our Clermont auto service techs will realign your tires to the proper angles. This ensures that they wear evenly so you don’t have to replace them frequently. You should schedule a wheel alignment every two years or so, or if you get into an accident or get new tires.

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