Toyota’s Betting Big on Electric Car Battery Tech

September 8th, 2021 by

The landscape of the automotive world is experiencing a regressive progression back to its EV roots while also charting a course forward. Within the next few years, roads will likely be filled with an equitable mix of EVs and ICEs and eventually, EVs might even be all that’s offered. Such is the nature of advancement and technology.

But, we digress. Toyota has often been seen as a laggard when it comes to EV production. And yes, to some extent this is true. Our favorite automotive manufacturer has often preferred to manufacture hybrid vehicles rather than pure electric cars. There are many motivations behind that, but we can say confidently that Toyota is aiming to increase its foothold in the EV game. Follow along with us at Toyota of Clermont while we decipher the latest electric car news.

Clermont electric car news.

$14 Billion is a Big Price Tag for EV Batteries

To provide some background on the situation, Toyota has been hesitant to invest fully in Clermont BEVs. The future is most certainly leaning that way, but the present is thoroughly inundated with gasoline-powered vehicles. It’s understandable to have some hesitancy when approaching a future image so different from the present.

But, it looks like Toyota is going to continue to cover all its bases with this latest bit of news.

The bZ4X and Solid-State Batteries

Toyota has put up quite a large investment in new battery technology that will likely provide it with ample infrastructure going forward. The name of the game for Toyota is Clermont electric car solid-state batteries. In theory, these batteries are the next advancement of lithium-ion technology. Ideally, this technology will be more easily produced, and on a larger scale, they hold a charge for a longer period of time, and they have better longevity compared to their former lithium-ion electric car battery iterations.

Toyota’s $14 billion, yes $14 BILLION, investment in the technology aims to not only set up the technology for solid-state battery power but to establish amplified production efforts and include the technology in many new upcoming Toyota models. The production investment estimates a 30% reduction in overall cost through the use of less costly materials and production structures.

The development of solid-state battery technology is estimated to stretch through 2030 and involves securing 200 gigawatt-hours of battery supply. Toyota’s overall electrification plan includes the rolling out of 15 dedicated BEVs, 7 of which will include the “Beyond Zero” moniker, and around 70 total electrified models. Between now and 2025, Toyota plans to introduce a majority of these new electric cars to the public by 2025 and follow up with their new solid-state battery technology by 2030.

It’s unclear if the earlier iterations of the Clermont bZ4X will include a solid-state lithium-ion battery or if newer hybrids will include updated battery technology. But, we do know that Toyota intends to use this strategy to ensure a solid market entrance and to ensure that electric cars become a mainstay in the automotive market.

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