Tire Rotations Made Easy

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It’s very important you keep your car tires in good shape. After all, they’re the only part of your car to actually make contact with the road. That’s why Toyota of Clermont is here to give you the 411 on tire rotations. We want to ensure your tires last as long as possible. Do your Clermont Toyota a favor and keep reading!

Tire rotation in Orlando

Proper maintenance for your car tires

Your car tires should be checked and rotated often. Our certified techs recommend every 5,000 to 10,000 miles. However, it’s always smart to consult your owner’s manual to ensure they don’t need to be inspected more frequently. Also, take into consideration that car tires differ in how they wear down based on your vehicle’s body design and where your tires sit underneath the frame.

What causes uneven wearing?

As your tires are constantly in contact with the road, it’s inevitable they will eventually wear down. However, if they wear unevenly their lifespan will be significantly shorter and your drive will be far from a smooth one. Your front tires are directly controlled by your steering wheel. Therefore, they experience a lot more movement than your rear tires. All of this additional turning exposes your front tires to more friction and causes the rubber to break down at different rates. Another factor that causes uneven wearing is unbalanced tires. It’s no unusual occurrence for tires to not stay perfectly symmetrical or maintain an even weight distribution. These factors will provide you with an unbalanced drive and will put you on the fast lane to uneven tire wear.

The Clermont guide to tire rotations

Routine rotations extend the life of your tires by evening out their wear pattern. This auto service can be done at home if you’re a seasoned veteran and have the proper tools, but if you’re not a certified auto technician we recommend leaving this job to the professionals.

Whether you take your car to our Clermont service center or do the job at home, you should know there are different types of tire rotations. The best car tire maintenance for you depends on your vehicle and tire type. Check out the guide below:

Front to rear tire rotation: Car tires are moved from front to rear on both sides.

  • Vehicle type: Same-size wheels
  • Tire type: directional (tires rotate in one direction)

Rearward cross or “X” rotation: Tires rotate from rear to front, then left front to right rear and right front to left rear.

  • Vehicle type: rear & 4-wheel drive
  • Tire type: directional

Side to side rotation: Front tires are switched then back tires are switched.

  • Vehicle type: different-size wheels
  • Tire type: nondirectional (tires can rotate in both directions)

Forward cross or “X” rotation: Tires are moved front to rear, then left rear to right front and right rear to left front.

  • Vehicle type: front-wheel drive
  • Tire type: nondirectional

Affordable auto service near Orlando

Stop by Toyota of Clermont and check tire rotations off your to-do list today! We’re always running service specials to get your car the maintenance it needs at a price you deserve. Find us at 16851 State Road 50 just off the Florida Turnpike.

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