Tips for Keeping Your Car Interior Clean

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An unfortunate truth about vehicle ownership is that it involves a lot of messes and subsequent cleaning. The more miles you put on your Clermont Toyota ride the dirtier the exterior will get and the likely your car interior will follow suit. It’s inevitable that dirt will find its way onto your floor mats, french fries will find their way between your seats, and you’ll forget something in the back seat or trunk. While messes are a given when it comes to your car, they don’t have to be permanent or get to a point where they’re seemingly impossible to clean. With a few easy tips to follow and a few spare minutes a day, keeping your car interior clean is easier than you’d think. Check out this guide from us at Toyota of Clermont!

Car interior cleaning tips from Toyota of N Charlotte.

How to Keep Your Car Interior Clean

1) Get Organized

If you’re someone who treats their Clermont Toyota car as a second home, it’s easy to feel like things a bit of a mess. The first step to keeping your car interior clean is to get organized and keep it that way. Take stock of what’s sitting in your trunk and backseats and try to remove as many items as possible. It’s never a bad idea to invest in some organizational car interior tools like baskets and seatback pouches.

2) Invest in Some All-Weather Floor Mats

If your floor mats have seen better days, start by giving them a good shake and vacuum. Next, invest in some all-weather floor mats. These can cover your floor mats entirely and are easy to wash off. Your carpeted floor mats will be safe and clean underneath and your next car interior wash will be easier than ever. They are a tad expensive but definitely worth it.

3) Clean Your Car’s Interior Once a Week

It may sound like a lot to ask to clean your vehicle’s interior once a week, but doing so will save you time in the future and prevent you from having to do a deep clean. Keep a few essential tools in your ride, like a small vacuum and interior cleaning wipes.

4) Don’t Eat in Your Car

It’s always tempting to grab a bite on the way home from work and chow down before you arrive at your destination. After all, what are drive-throughs for? If you want to keep your car interior clean, wait to eat until you get home. During your meal, you’ll likely misplace a few food items under your seats or at least leave a crumb trail. Save your meal for home and be patient.

5) Put Towels on Your Seats

While you may think putting beach towels on your seats is a little uncool, but you’ll thank us later. Towels can keep the dust, crumbs, and stain-causing materials off of the bottom of your seats while driving. Not only that, but you can throw them in the wash for easy clean-up and they’re a cheaper option compared to car seat covers.

Keeping your car interior clean is easy and by following these steps. If you need more tips or the right cleaning products for your ride, come visit us at Toyota of Clermont! You can find us seven days a week at 16851 State Road 50.

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