How to spot and prevent engine damage

February 25th, 2019 by

Smoke coming from under your hood, strange sounds, and odd smells all spell trouble and can mean that your Clermont Toyota vehicle might be experiencing engine damage. While the telltale signs and panic are strong feelings you’ll get, soon will follow repair and maintenance expenses, plus your vehicle will be out of commission for quite some time. If you haven’t encountered any of these telltale signs, then your Clermont Toyota vehicle can be saved from engine damage and all it takes is a proper auto service regimen and plenty of precautions. Our Clermont auto service techs have a guide for you so you can avoid engine damage.

Clermont Toyota engine damage auto service.

Telltale signs of engine damage and what to do

  • Your check engine light comes on

While the bright lights on your dashboard seem pretty and cryptic, but they can tell you a lot about what’s going on under the hood of your vehicle. Before you panic, make sure to check your gas cap first, your check engine could come on in your gas cap is loose and it may not be an engine damage issue at all. If the light stays on, then your Clermont Toyota vehicle may have a problem. Make sure to bring your vehicle to the dealership immediately as this could be a fuel injection system, or an emission system issue, an ignition system issue, or something else.

  • Pay attention to the sounds your car is making

It’s easy to turn up your tunes and ignore the sounds your Clermont Toyota vehicle is making. Your vehicle shouldn’t make any crazy noises like squealing, knocking, and rumbling. If it is, you more than likely have some form of engine damage occurring. If you suspect that your vehicle is making odd noises, turn down the music and listen for a bit.

  • Follow your nose

You may be smelling the fries you dropped under your seat last week, or it could be engine damage currently affecting your Clermont Toyota vehicle. Smells like gasoline, mildew, rotten eggs, syrup, or hot oil can spell major trouble for the hardware under your hood and can lead to other various problems. Make sure to head down to our auto service center immediately to have this issue diagnosed.

  • Watch out for smoke or steam

If you start to see smoke or steam coming from the engine compartment of your car, think of it as a smoke signal and don’t ignore it. Your Clermont Toyota vehicle is definitely experiencing engine damage if you begin to see smoke or steam coming from under the hood. This could be caused by engine overheating, an oil or gas leak, or possibly an emission system issue.

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Engine damage is highly preventable with just preventive auto service. At Toyota of Clermont, our auto service experts can help prevent your engine from getting damaged. Our auto service department is open seven days a week and you can find us at 16851 State Road 50.