A Look at a Luxury Legend: The Toyota Century

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Everyone loves the taste of luxury. Advanced technology, comfier upholstery, better convenience features, and sleeker styles. Luckily, many affordable Toyota models come equipped with luxury options and features to keep any driver happy. Advanced safety technology comes standard on several new Toyota models, regardless of trim level, and the interior upholstery materials are all very comfortable. But, some drivers are hungry for the finer details and luxury vehicle features available in cars with a higher price tag. The Toyota Land Cruiser is one vehicle that’s equipped with a plethora of luxury features, like a center console cooler box, and the Toyota Avalon is another model to go for if you’re looking for something more luxurious to drive.

While Toyota maintains those luxury vehicles in its lineup, and has Lexus as its luxury brand, no vehicle can possible come close to the legendary Toyota Century. This luxury vehicle is the pinnacle of class, comfort, and craftsmanship. If you’re not familiar with this Clermont Toyota luxury vehicle, you’re in luck! Toyota of Clermont is here to give you all the details of this upper echelon ride.

Toyota Century luxury vehicle in Clermont

Never Heard of the Toyota Century? You’re Not Alone

If you’re thinking, what’s the Toyota Century? You’re not alone. This luxury vehicle is one of the most eclectic and exclusive vehicles Toyota manufactures. It’s only available in Japan and only about 50 are produced each month for the upper-class Japanese market. It was first introduced in 1967 and has only had three generations throughout its life-span so far. It’s characterized by a wide stance and boxy exterior style, similar to the look of a Rolls-Royce. The paint is highly reflective, almost mirror-like (it takes six weeks to paint and only four workers in the world are qualified to paint the Toyota Century properly), and it’s had several different engine options throughout its life.

What Makes This Luxury Vehicle Unique?

Apart from only being available in the Japanese market, the Clermont Toyota Century luxury vehicle is equipped several unique features and characteristics that set it apart from your average vehicle.

  • The Clermont Toyota Century has been available with a variety of V8 engines, including one with a hybrid drivetrain for the current generation, and a unique V12 engine from the second generation.
  • It features a unique phoenix themed badge that’s modeled after the golden phoenix of the Japanese royal families that once ruled from the Kinkaku-ji temples in Kyoto.
  • Each Clermont Toyota Century luxury vehicle is inspected thoroughly for paint defects or body deformations before getting a price tag.
  • Toyota Centurys are typically sold to upper-class individuals in Japan. Government officials, royal family members, business executives, you get the idea.
  • This luxury vehicle was designed with the passenger in mind. In fact, it’s designed with the idea that the owner will likely never set foot in the driver’s seat. It drives unlike many other luxury cars in the fact that it’s seemingly normal. The V8 engine with hybrid drivetrain is very responsive, but the steering is relaxed.
  • The Century is designed with an active noise cancelling technology called “active noise control.” This technology analyzes the sound frequency from exterior noises and broadcasts the opposing frequency to counteract incoming noise. This makes for a nearly silent drive wherever you’re going.
  • There’s also a 20-speaker sound system inside and several comfort features like a foldable ottoman in the passenger seat, wool trimmed upholstery, highly contoured power-seating, and massage equipped back seats.

Clermont Toyota Century luxury vehicle

All-in-all, the Clermont Toyota Century luxury vehicle is a unique ride. It’s arguably one of the most unique luxury vehicles out there and it’s highly exclusive by design. Unfortunately, you won’t see one of these on the lot here at Toyota of Clermont, but we can dream, right? If you’re looking for a new luxury vehicle, come visit our dealership today! We’re have the perfect ride to suit your needs, fanciness included. Visit us seven days a week at 16851 State Road 50!

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