4 signs you’re low on transmission fluid

February 13th, 2019 by

When it comes to get-up-and-go in your vehicle, your transmission plays a pretty important part. After all, it pushes power from the engine to the wheels, making it possible for your car to move and accelerate as well as brake. Your transmission is also vital in the changing of gears (another essential part of accelerating and slowing down). When this part isn’t in good shape, your performance suffers and if you don’t address it, you could end up with expensive repairs on your hands. Toyota of Clermont is here to help! The main culprit in a transmission that’s performing at a subpar level? Transmission fluid.

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Do you need to add transmission fluid to your ride?

Transmission fluid serves to keep your engine cool but it also plays a bigger role in keeping the transmission system lubricated so everything can move effortlessly. When your transmission fluid is low or becomes contaminated by dirt and debris, your car can’t perform and as mentioned, you could end up with expensive repairs to get it up and running again. Our Clermont auto service techs can keep your  fluid levels where they need to be and inspect the system thoroughly to keep you out on the road. Explore these 4 signs that your car is running low on this important fluid and see if you need to schedule an appointment at our Toyota service center.

Sign #1: Your transmission is slipping. 

If your car’s transmission is slipping, it’ll feel like your vehicle starts to engage and move into the next gear but then slips backward into the old one. It’s a serious problem and definitely not one to ignore. It can be caused by low transmission fluid, and other giveaway signs include weird noises coming from the engine bay, spiking RPMs when you shift, and a choppy feeling when the gears finally do shift. Definitely have our Clermont auto service techs take a look at your ride in this case.

Sign #2: Your car takes longer to engage gears, especially drive and park. 

Does your car feel like it has a delay when you’re shifting gears, especially into drive or park? It’s usually only 2-3 seconds, but it’s enough to be noticeable. This is due to low transmission fluid and requires that you add more – and visiting our Clermont auto service center isn’t a bad idea, either.

Sign #3: The timing of your shifts is off. 

Whether your car is automatic or manual, it needs to shift gears to speed up and slow down. If it feels like the timing is off and the shifts are coming too soon or too late, then you probably have low transmission fluid and need more added to your system before the problem becomes more serious.

Sign #4: Your car won’t shift at all. 

If your car won’t shift at all, you’re likely completely out of transmission fluid. This also means you’re not going anywhere, so your best bet is to have your ride towed to Toyota of Clermont so we can add more fluid and check out your system.

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