4 signs it’s time for a tire replacement

July 18th, 2019 by

Are you due for a tire replacement?

We know, we know – it’s the last thing you want to contemplate. It’s not always the cheapest endeavor to replace a car tire, but as a responsible car owner, it’s part of the price you pay to have a well-maintained and reliable vehicle. Not to mention, your tires also play directly into your safety and fuel efficiency. But sometimes it can be hard to tell if the tire still has some life left in it, can be patched or plugged, or just simply needs to be replaced. Toyota of Clermont is here with 4 signs directly from our service techs to help you figure it out.

Should you be scheduling a tire replacement?

Sign #1: You can see obvious and serious physical damage. 

Can you spot serious damage to the tire? Sometimes a nail hole can be plugged or patched and you can get back on the road, but if your tire is damaged with tears, large punctures, bubbles, blisters, or sidewall separation, there’s really no coming back from it. You’ll need to get a tire replacement so you don’t face a blowout in the near future, and our Clermont Toyota service center can help get you back out on the road quickly.

Sign #2: One tire is losing pressure on a regular basis. 

Your tires lose pressure over time just because of wear and tear, and you may also notice them drop a little in terms of PSI when the weather gets cold (cold air is denser than warm air). However, if just one tire is regularly losing pressure and requiring you to add more air, then it may be time for a tire replacement. There’s a reason for the leak and it’s likely physical damage. Have our techs check it out.

Sign #3: The tire fails the tread depth test. 

You need sufficient tread on your tires to provide you with traction to grip the road – when the tire has too little tread, you lose control of your vehicle, especially in slippery conditions. Put a penny in the tire tread with Abe Lincoln’s head facing down. If you can see the top of his head, then your tread is too shallow and there’s nothing you can do to fix it – it’s time to just replace the tire and call it a day.

Sign #4: Your car vibrates while in motion. 

Car vibrations can be caused by a host of issues but the tires are often a main culprit. When one tire is damaged, it knocks everything out of balance and causes an uncomfortable ride for you and your passengers. If you feel your car vibrating, bring it into Toyota of Clermont so our techs can check your tires and ensure you don’t need a new one.

Let Toyota of Clermont get you back out on the road

Not sure if you’re due for a tire replacement or looking for an affordable one? Come on in and see our Clermont auto service techs! We’ll scope the situation and get you back on the road in no time. Call us at (352) 404-7001 or swing by 16851 State Road 50, seven days a week!


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