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Are you feeling nervous about buying a used car? It’s natural – after all, you’re about to sink a whole lot of money into something that you want to be able to depend upon for years to come. Why not let Toyota of Clermont help you allay some of that uneasiness? We’ve got a used car inspection checklist that you can take along with you when you car shop. Answer the questions on it to ensure you find the right ride at the right price and drive home happy!

Clermont used cars

Shop with confidence with this Toyota of Clermont checklist!

Let’s start with the basics when it comes to the inspection – here are some initial questions that our Clermont Toyota dealership recommends answering:

  1. What year is the car?
  2. What is the car’s VIN number?
  3. What is the car’s mileage? Does it match the CarFax report?
  4. Was the car running when you arrived? If so, turn it off, let it cool, and start it again.

Next, it’s time to inspect the exterior of the car you’re considering. Here are some aspects to think about:

  1. Is there body damage? This means scratches, dents, dings, or anything else marring the appearance.
  2. Do you see rust anywhere? Don’t forget to check the door hinges and the trunk.
  3. Are there any spots where paint doesn’t match? What about body panels that don’t meet up?
  4. Does the glass (windows and windshield) have any damage like cracks or chips?
  5. Do the tires have a fair amount of tread on them? Are they damaged at all?
  6. Can you open and close all doors and the trunk without a problem?

Time to get into the driver’s seat! Toyota of Clermont recommends doing an inspection of the used car’s interior while you’re there, taking in elements like:

  1. Is the headliner in good shape?
  2. Can you adjust the seats?
  3. Is the interior free of stains and odors? Do you spot mildew or mold anywhere? *Check the trunk too
  4. Do the power door locks and windows function?
  5. Does all of the technology work? Check the radio, lights, Bluetooth, and any other features on the interior.
  6. Do both the heat and A/C work efficiently?
  7. Do the windshield wipers and fluid work as they should?
  8. Does the parking brake work?
  9. Does the sunroof open and close?
  10. Does the key fob work to unlock and lock the car? Is there a spare key?
  11. Does the trunk have a spare tire with tire change kit?
  12. Are any of the dashboard lights illuminated after you start the car?

buying a car

Get behind the wheel of your used car!

Now it’s time to hit the road – ask yourself these questions once you start the engine:

  1. Are there any leaks under the car?
  2. Does the car start smoothly and quickly?
  3. Do you see smoke coming out of the exhaust?
  4. Can you reverse smoothly without noise?
  5. Does the car shift between gears smoothly?
  6. Do the brakes work well? Do they make any noises, grinding, or vibration when you hit them?
  7. Does the car pull to one side at all while driving or braking?
  8. Does the steering wheel shake or pull?
  9. Do you smell or hear anything out of the ordinary?
  10. Does the car shudder or vibrate while in motion?

Now you’re ready to shop used cars… so head down to Toyota of Clermont! We’re open seven days a week at 16851 State Road 50. See you soon!

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