Use this checklist to decide if you’re due for an oil change

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Is your car on a routine oil change schedule? It should be – your engine needs a tank full of clean oil in order to stay cool and keep things running without issue. When you don’t have enough oil or the oil is too dirty to do its job, you run the risk of big problems (engine overheating, parts breaking, engine seizing up and having to be replaced… you’re getting the gist, right?). That’s why it’s important to know when you’re due for an oil change, and our Clermont Toyota service techs are here with a quick checklist for you to run through when you think it’s time but you’re not sure.

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6 signs it’s time to schedule a Clermont oil change

Sign 1: The oil level isn’t in between the two tic marks.

When you pull the oil dipstick out of the engine, the oil level should be somewhere between the two tic marks on the stick. If it falls below the bottom tic mark, then you’re running low on oil (which means your engine is at risk). If you see this, it’s time to either add oil to the system or schedule an oil change at Toyota of Clermont.

Sign 2: The oil is dark in color or has flecks of dirt in it.

Your motor oil should be tan or caramel in color – that’s the standard for clean oil. If it’s darker in hue (dark brown or black) or you can see tiny flecks of dirt in it, you need to schedule an oil change. Dark and dirty oil can’t properly cool and lubricate your car’s engine so you’re putting your engine at risk.

Sign 3: You have exhaust smoke.

It’s find to see vapor coming out of your car’s exhaust, especially when it’s cold out. However, if you see actual smoke coming out of your car’s exhaust, it may be because you have a problem with your car’s oil. Let our auto service mechanics look under the hood to see what’s going on.

Sign 4: You can smell oil inside of your Clermont Toyota.

Do you smell engine oil inside of your car’s cabin? This can signify an oil leak, which can lead to low oil levels pretty quickly. Bring your car in for an oil change and a system inspection to pinpoint and fix the leak.

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Sign 5: You hear knocking or rumbling sounds inside your engine.

Knocking or rumbling noises inside of your car’s engine are a bad sign – typically, this means something is loose and knocking around, or metal is touching metal without lubrication (remember, the oil keeps things moving smoothly). Schedule oil change auto service immediately.

Sign 6: Your oil change light comes on in your dash.

Sign 6 is pretty obvious, but it’s surefire indicator that you’re due to visit us. If the oil light illuminates in your dash, bring your ride in for a quick car care appointment to get things back on track!

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